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Located in the north of Morocco and separated from Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is a tourist city endowed with a rich culture that combines African, Portuguese and Spanish cultures. The city of Tangier is also one of the most lively and animated cities of the kingdom because of the multiplicity of its attractions including its Medina, its museums, its souks, its beaches and its modern spots.
The city of Tangier is well worth a visit. To make it easier for you to get there, Hertz has prepared the following articles on the two unmissable spots.


Tangier airport
Aeroport Tanger Ibn Battouta
90000 ✈ Aéroport Tanger
Opening hours :

Opening hours: Daily from 7AM to 10PM

Agency responsible :


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 Pick up your rental car as soon as you arrive at Tangier IbnBattouta Airport, and set off to explore its luminous alleys, the old Medina,its Peitt Socco and above all its paradisiacal beaches. The city of Tangier isdefinitely worth a visit. It will charm you with its Mediterranean culture upon your arrival.


Hertz Morocco has three car rental agencies in Tangier:

- Tangier city car rental agency

- Tangier Airport car rental agency


- Tangier train station car rental agency 


Location of the car rental agency Tangier airport in Morocco