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Car Hire Marrakech Airport

Hertz Car Hire Agency at Marrakech-Menara Airport

Our car rental station is situated within Terminal 2 of Marrakech Menara Airport, near the arrivals halls. Our booth is conveniently placed in the dedicated car rental area, which you can easily spot right after clearing customs.

As you arrive, our welcoming team will meet you at the booth in the arrivals halls to help you finalize your rental contract. Following this, one of our representatives will guide you to your rental car, located in the terminal parking lot. Here, we will carry out a pre-rental inspection before handing over the keys to you. Once everything is in order, you are free to drive off to your hotel, discover Marrakesh city center, or embark on your journey!

Hertz car rental Marrakech Morocco airport


+212 8 02 00 77 78

Opening hours :

  • Monday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Tuesday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Wednesday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Thursday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Friday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Saturday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Sunday : 07:00 - 22:00

Contact : reservation@hertz.ma

Other Hertz Car Rental Locations in Marrakech:

  • Marrakesh City Centre: Located at 154 Mohamed V Boulevard.

  • Marrakech ONCF Train Station: Positioned at the intersection of Mohamed VI Boulevard and Hassan II Avenue.

Cheap car hire in Marrakech : categories of vehicles

At Hertz Marrakech, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive cheap car hire fleet, comprised solely of modern models that are frequently updated to ensure the highest standards of comfort and safety. Our diverse range of vehicle categories is designed to cater to a variety of needs in Morocco.

Mini & Economy Car Hire: Ideal for couples or small families, our compact, efficient vehicles such as the Kia Picanto, Renault Clio, Fiat Panda, and Peugeot 208 are perfect for navigating the vibrant streets of the old town in Marrakech.

Intermediate Car Hire: Vehicles in this category offer a balance of size and efficiency, making them suitable for longer journeys or for those requiring more space than a compact car can provide.

Large Car Hire: Our larger vehicles, including the Dacia Duster, Peugeot 3008, and Kia Carnival, are designed for families or groups. They offer ample luggage storage and comfortable travel, ensuring the safety of all passengers.

SUV & 4WD Car Hire: Perfect for Moroccan road trips originating from Marrakech, models such as the Citroën C4 BVA, Dacia Duster, and Peugeot 3008 offer elevated stances or four-wheel drive capabilities, enabling safe travel across various terrains.

Hybrid & Electric Car Hire: Our eco-friendly hybrid vehicles, such as the Kia Niro Hybrid BVA and Kia K5 BVA Hybrid, offer a cost-effective driving experience that doesn't compromise on comfort during your trip.

Luxury Car Hire: For the ultimate in comfort and luxury on the roads of Marrakesh and beyond, our premium vehicles like the Alpha Romeo sedan or Peugeot 508 are the right cars.

Commercial Car Rental: Ideal for transporting goods or bulky items, our range includes practical vehicles like the Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Expert, and Peugeot Boxer.

minibus and large car hire in morocco

intermediate car hire morocco
SUV 4WD car hire in morocco
Premium car rental in Morocco
Hybrid electric car rental in Morocco
Commercial car hire morocco

In addition to our diverse vehicle categories, Hertz Marrakech offers a range of services akin to those provided by leading car rental companies such as GPS navigation systems, child seats, and additional driver coverage, ensuring a tailored and convenient car hire experience. Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to assist with any queries or requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free car hire process from start to finish.

Top 10 most popular car hires at Marrakech airport

Hertz Kia picanto car rental in Morocco

Looking for a car rental that's practical and easy to drive ? The Kia Picanto is definitely the right model for you. Economic to hire, it can be used to take you on your journeys and discover all the treasures of the Kingdom. You will definitely enjoy driving it.

OPEL Corsa
Hertz Dacia Duster car rental in Morocco
Peugeot 308 compact rental
Hertz HONDA Civic Hybrid AT car rent in Morocco
Hertz KIA Sportage car rental in Morocco
Hertz Kia Niro AT Hybrid car rent in Morocco
Hertz Kia Sorento premium car rental in Morocco

Car hire Marrakech Airport (RAK) | FAQs

City Driving: For navigating the bustling city streets of central Marrakech, a mini or economy rental car is ideal (Kia picanto, Citroën C3, Peugeot 208, etc.).These cars are easier to maneuver through traffic and park in tight spaces, perfect for the red city.

Family or Group Travel: If traveling with family or a group, an intermediate rental vehicle or a SUV will meet all your needs (Skoda Superb, Peugeot 508, Toyota Prado, etc.)

Exploring Rural Areas: For those planning to explore the rural areas or the Atlas Mountains, a 4x4 or SUV is recommended (Dacia Duster, Kia Sportage, Peugeot 3008, Suzuki Jimny, etc.).

In the past 48 hours, the cheapest car rental company was the Hertz Agency at Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK).

Some of the car rental companies that are located at Menara airport are Hertz, Locationauto,  Europcar, OptimoRent, Sixt, ADDCAR RENTAL, AIRCAR, United Rent a Car Morocco, Locationauto, CarWiz, AbbyCar Car Rentals, Budget, etc.

The best place to pick up a car hire in Marrakesh is Menara international airport.

  • No need to pay for transportation to your accommodation

  • Enjoy a wide selection of vehicles.

  • Benefit from the best car hire rates in Marrakech

In urban and residential areas, the standard speed limit is 24 mph (40 km/h).

On rural roads, the speed limit goes up to 62 mph (100 km/h) and up to 74 mph (120 km/h) on the A3 motorway connecting Marrakesh to Casablanca.

When driving in Morocco, particularly in Marrakech, it is essential to adhere to the designated speed limits to ensure safety and avoid fines. 

For a Marrakech car hire, one must be at least 21 years old and possess a driving licence valid for a minimum of one year. For some vehicles, the minimum age requirement is 23 years, along with two years of driving licence validity.

Secure Parking Lots: Utilize secure parking lots in Marrakech for safety and affordability. Notable ones include the lot opposite Jemaa el Fna, Carré Eden in Gueliz, and Marrakech Menara Airport.

Near Major Attractions: Choose parking close to major sights for convenience. The lot near Jemaa el Fna offers easy access to Medina attractions like the Medina Souks and Koutoubia Mosque. Carré Eden's parking is ideal for exploring Gueliz.

Hotels with Parking: If you're staying at a hotel, inquire if they provide parking facilities. Many hotels in Marrakesh offer parking for guests, which can be a convenient and safe option.

Local Advice: Don’t hesitate to ask locals or your hotel staff for advice on the best parking spots. They can often direct you to convenient and safe locations.

The Hertz branch at Marrakech Menara Airport is waiting for you right at the terminal. No need for a shuttle, just follow the directions after passing through customs for a positive experience.

Yes, hiring a car in Marrakesh is worthwhile for exploring beyond city limits and offers flexibility for travel. Public transport are limited and without a rental vehicle you will not be able to get to many of the beautiful places to visit in the red city.

The most commonly reserved type of car rental in Marrakech is Mini & Economy. Common vehicles are Kia Picanto or Citroën C3.

A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection Waiver insurance are mandatorily included with your car hire. Additional coverage is not compulsory but strongly advised to waive deductible in case of accident or damages to the rental vehicle.

If the modification request is sent more than 48 hours before the pick-up in Marrakech, the modification fees are 100 MAD/TTC (about 10€).

If the modification request is sent less than 48 hours before the pick-up, then the fees are 150 MAD/TTC (about 15€).

Any modification made after the date of pick-up of the vehicle in Marrakech will have to be treated at the rental agency according to the availability of the rental cars and the rates in force. No refund will be possible for any rental shorter than the duration provided in the reservation (early return), in case of delay in the collection of the vehicle in agencies, in case of change of category, or in case of cancellation of the One-Way fees.

To hire a car at Marrakech Airport, you must provide the following documents when collecting the vehicle at the branch:

  • Passport or National ID Card

  • Driving Licence of the main driver and any additional drivers

  • Credit Card in the name of the main driver for the security deposit

All Hertz branches in Marrakech provide the convenience of free cancellation.This includes three key locations: 

  • Marrakech Menara International Airport (RAK)

  • Central city branch in Marrakesh, 

  • Marrakech ONCF train station agency.

To take advantage of this offer, ensure that you cancel your car reservation within the terms of our cancellation policy, as outlined in your booking agreement.

Driving in Marrakech can be challenging due to heavy traffic, narrow streets, and diverse driving habits, but it's manageable.

You may encounter many checkpoints in Marrakech. Always have your passport, driving licence and car rental documents ready to show them if required.

Be careful that some roads in the suburbs (especially in the Palmeraie area) are not paved. 

When driving at night, watch out for cyclists and mopeds – they can legally travel up to 20kmph (12mph) without lights and sometimes show up out of nowhere.

All Hertz branches in Marrakech offer unlimited mileage car hire in Morocco:

  • Marrakech International Airport (RAK) Branch

  • Marrakech Train Station Branch

  • Downtown Branch on Boulevard Mohamed V

Morocco is a right-hand drive country, with vehicles driven on the right side of the road.

The majority of car rental companies in Marrakech do offer vehicles with automatic transmissions. However, given that manual transmission vehicles are often more prevalent in numerous countries, there may be an additional fee associated if you rent an automatic car.

Yes, you can drive in Morocco with a UK or North American license, but an International Driving Permit is recommended.

In Marrakech, gas can be paid for with cash or major credit/debit cards. However, carry some money as smaller stations may only accept cash as a form of payment.

Cheap car rental in Marrakech

When to book a car hire in Marrakech

Here's an overview of car rental prices observed at Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK) over recent quarters.

Type of rental car

High season

Low season

Mini & Economy

£ 25 - 55 / day

£ 15 - 25 / day


£ 32 - 65 / day

£ 23 - 30 / day


£ 43 - 87 / day

£ 23 - 36 / day


£ 45 - 95 / day

£ 20 - 35 / day

Hybrid & Electric

£ 74 - 145 / day

 £ 44 - 68 / day


£ 75 - 150 / day

£ 45 - 70 / day

Commercial Car Rental

£ 45 - 60 / day

£ 35 - 45 / day

Car hire rates in Marrakech vary throughout the year, influenced by:

  • Rental dates: Price can significantly increase during peak tourist seasons (June, July, August) and school holidays, reflecting the high demand.

  • Vehicle category: Luxury vehicles (SUVs, executive models, etc.) tend to be priced higher than standard categories (sedans, hatchbacks, etc.).

  • Vehicle pick-up location: On average, renting a car at Marrakech Menara International Airport (RAK) is approximately 40% more costly than in the city's downtown area."

How much does a Mini & Economy car hire in Marrakech Airport (RAK) cost?

Mini & Economy car hire at Marrakech Airport costs around £ 43 /day, varying by model and rental duration.

How much does an intermediate car hire in Marrakech Airport (RAK) cost?

An intermediate car hire vehicle at Marrakech Airport typically incurs a cost of approximately £ 49 per day, although this is dependent on both availability and the specific model of the car.

How much does a large car hire in Marrakech Airport (RAK) cost?

Hiring a large car at Marrakech Airport typically costs about £ 53 /day, subject to availability and model.

How much does a SUV & 4WD car hire in Marrakech Airport (RAK) cost?

SUV & 4WD rentals at Marrakech Airport generally start at £ 57 /day, depending on the vehicle type and rental period.

How much does a Hybrid & Electric car hire in Marrakech Airport (RAK) cost?

The average daily rate for hybrid and electric vehicle rentals at Marrakech Airport stands at £ 64 a day. This rate is subject to fluctuations based on the specific model of vehicle selected and the time of year.

How much does a premium car hire in Marrakech Airport (RAK) cost?

For a premium car hire at Marrakech Airport, the cost is generally around £103 per day, subject to availability and the particular model of the vehicle. This rate reflects the higher quality and luxury features of premium cars.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Marrakech Airport (RAK) per day?

On average, hiring a car in Marrakech per day costs about £35.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Marrakech Airport (RAK) for a week?

A week's car rental in Marrakech averages £ 291.

Of course, rates are influenced by model, season, booking duration, and pickup point.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Marrakech Airport (RAK) for 2 weeks?

For two weeks, the average car hire in Marrakech is around £ 603, varying by vehicle type, dates, and rental location.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Marrakech Airport (RAK) for a month ?

The average cost for a month-long car rental in Marrakech typically stands at approximately £1032.

Tips for Finding the Best Car Hire Deals in Marrakech

Early Booking: Secure your Marrakech airport car hire well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. Early reservations often come with better rates and a wider selection of vehicles.

Compare Prices: Take time to compare rates from different car hire companies in Marrakech. Look for special offers or discounts that might be available online.

Understand Insurance Coverage: Familiarize yourself with the car hire insurance policies offered. Opting for comprehensive coverage can save you from unexpected costs in case of an incident.

Check for Extra Fees: Be aware of additional charges, such as for an extra driver or GPS. Understanding the full cost upfront of car hire deals helps avoid surprises later.

Vehicle Suitability: Choose a vehicle that suits your travel needs. For city driving, a compact car is ideal, while an SUV might be better for rural adventures.

Choose International Car rental Marrakech Companies: Opting for international car hire companies over local ones can often ensure higher standards of service and vehicle quality, as well as better deals : Hertz, Sixt Marrakech, Budget, Avis, United Rent, Europcar, Green Motion, Dollar, Addcar rental, etc.These companies usually offer more reliable support and a broader range of vehicle options as well as better car hire deals.

Should you need further tips to find the best airport car hire deals, feel free to contact us.

Why Hertz Marrakech ?

Comprehensive Coverage: 

Choosing Hertz for your car hire in Marrakech ensures you are covered with comprehensive insurance, providing peace of mind during your travels as well as a cheap car hire. Our policies are designed to safeguard against unforeseen incidents, reducing potential out-of-pocket expenses in case of accidents or damages.

Diverse Fleet Selection: 

Hertz offers an extensive range of vehicles to suit all needs, from economical city cars for navigating the bustling streets to luxury models for a more comfortable and stylish experience. Whether you're travelling solo or with a group, Hertz's diverse fleet caters to every requirement.

Convenient Locations: 

Hertz boasts strategically positioned branches in Marrakech, including at the Marrakech Menara Airport, city centre, and major train stations. This accessibility makes picking up and returning your rental car hassle-free, allowing you to start your Moroccan adventure promptly and efficiently.

Marrakech car hire insurance

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & Theft Protection Waiver

At Hertz Morocco, all our vehicles in Marrakech are mandatorily rented with a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection coverage insurance included. In the event of an incident, the responsibility of the contract holder is limited to the deductible amount. This comprehensive approach sets us apart from some Marrakech car hire providers who may not include these waivers as standard in their rental agreements.


When hiring a car with Hertz Morocco in Marrakech, it's important to be aware of the insurance deductible. The deductible, or excess, is the amount you would be responsible for in the event of an incident during your rental period. The deductible amount varies depending on the vehicle category. It starts at 14,000 MAD (around £1,200) for compact cars and can goes up to 36,000 MAD (approximately £3,000) for family or premium vehicles.

To minimise your liability and avoid paying the deductible in case of an accident with your hire car in Marrakech, you can opt for our Partial or Total Excess Waiver options. These can be added to your booking either at the time of reservation or before key collection. By choosing one of these options, you can enjoy your journey with greater peace of mind, knowing that your financial exposure in case of an accident is significantly reduced.

Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK)

Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK), located just 5 kilometers from the city center, is the primary international gateway to the vibrant city of Marrakech. In 2022, it welcomed over 4.9 million passengers, showcasing its capacity and popularity. As a focus city for Royal Air Maroc and Ryanair, RAK connects travelers to numerous destinations. The airport boasts a range of services, including ATMs, currency exchange, cheap car hire, duty-free shopping, diverse food and drink options, retail stores, luggage storage, lockers, an airport clinic, a lost & found service, and free Wi-Fi. It also offers easy access to public transport, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for all travelers.

The airlines operating at Marrakesh Menara Airport include Aegean Airlines, Air Arabia, airBaltic, Air Europa, Air France, Air Transat, Alexandria Airlines, Arkia, Austrian Airlines, and Binter Canarias.

car hire marrakech

Exploring Marrakech

Marrakech city

Immerse yourself in Marrakech, Morocco's vibrant heart, where ancient charm and modern allure intertwine. Wander the UNESCO-listed medina, explore lively souks, and marvel at landmarks like the Koutoubia Mosque, Bahia Palace, and the historic El Badi Palace. Relish local flavors and watch snake charmers in the bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa, and find peace in the Majorelle Garden, nestled within the old town. Beyond the city, the desert beckons—embark on thrilling excursions to witness stunning landscapes and experience the timeless allure of the Moroccan desert. Marrakech is not just a destination but a gateway to adventures that linger in your memory long after your visit.

Best day trips from Marrakech by road trip

Ourika Valley: Nature's Retreat (60 km | 1 hour )

Just a short drive from Marrakech with your hire car, Ourika Valley offers a peaceful escape in the Atlas Mountains. Enjoy scenic hiking trails, visit traditional Berber villages, and explore the local markets. The area is also famous for its beautiful waterfalls and lush landscapes. Be prepared for gravel roads in some areas.

Agafay Desert: A Desert Adventure (30 km | 40 minutes)

Experience the stark beauty of the Agafay Desert, located only about 30 kilometers from Marrakech. This rocky desert landscape offers camel rides, quad biking, and a unique opportunity to dine under the stars.

Oukaimeden: High Altitude Fun (75 km | 1 hour 45 minutes)

Head to Oukaimeden, a ski resort in the Atlas Mountains. In the winter, it's a popular spot for skiing and snowboarding. During the rest of the year, it offers excellent hiking trails, rock climbing, and stunning panoramic views.

car hire marrakech morocco

Mount Toubkal: Majestic Mountain Adventure (64 km | 1 hour 30 minutes)

Journey to Mount Toubkal, North Africa's highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. Famed for its challenging treks, it's a haven for hikers and mountaineers. In the cooler months, the mountain becomes a spectacular destination for snowshoeing. Throughout the year, it provides breathtaking views, opportunities for mountain biking, and a chance to immerse in the serene beauty of nature.

Essaouira: Coastal Escape (177 km | 2 hours 45 minutes)

Just a 2.5-hour drive from Marrakech, Essaouira offers a refreshing coastal retreat. This charming port city is known for its vibrant medina, rich history, and relaxing beaches. Stroll along its ancient ramparts, explore art galleries, and enjoy fresh seafood. The breezy climate makes it a perfect spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing, offering a delightful contrast to Marrakech's inland heat.

Car Hire locations in Morocco


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