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Car rental in Morocco - Hertz Morocco

Hertz commercial van rental in Morocco

Hertz L2H2 commercial van rental in Morocco
Hertz L3H2 commercial van rental in Morocco

Hertz Morocco's "utility" rental cars allow you to benefit from a range of vehicles perfect for professionals or even individuals. Depending on your needs in terms of capacity or technical characteristics, the utility rental vehicles help you to have an optimal vehicle to transport what you need. Discover the cars available directly in our website.

Citroën BERLINGO - Category VPIW

The Berlingo is a basic but very flexible vehicle as it can be used as a comfortable car or as a spacious van. This vehicle will allow you to store materials or other to move them from one point to another without any difficulty.

Peugeot EXPERT 7m3 - Category VMIW

Thanks in large part to its foundations derived from the car, the Expert is a very pleasant van to drive and far from its predecessor. While the old Expert could be quite bouncy and its steering was too vague, the latest version rides in a controlled manner and the connection to the road is much more certain. Rent this category now with Hertz Morocco: https://www.hertz.ma/location-voiture-maroc/utilitaires/peugeot-expert

Peugeot BOXER 12m3 - Category VGIW

Its payload ratings are among the best, the fuel economy is really impressive.

Consider our category of car rental "utilities" and drive with peace of mind with Hertz Morocco. Our entire fleet is less than 2 years old and the mileage is unlimited which gives you a lot of freedom in terms of circulation.


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