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You have questions about your car rental in Morocco? This frequently asked questions will bring you the expected answer.

Booking your car rental in Morocco

If you have already made your reservation for your rental car and you want to change the dates of departure and / or return, you must contact the central reservation Hertz Morocco by specifying your reservation number and the new dates of rental via our contact form.

Any extension of your car rental can be granted only subject to availability of the rental vehicle for the period of the designated extension.

If you wish to change the rental agency of departure and/or return, you must make the request 48 hours before the date of pick-up of the rental car, by specifying your reservation number via your contact form, in order to guarantee you the provision of your rental car in the desired agency.

Additional costs (return costs of up to 1500 DH) may be charged if you return your rental car in a city different from that of departure.

You have the possibility to change the category of the reserved rental car:

  • Either by modifying your reservation 24 hours in advance.

  • Or by making your request directly at your arrival in the car rental agency (depending on availability on the day).

This change of category is subject to additional charges depending on the category desired.

The online reservation of your rental car represents several advantages:

  • The guarantee of the availability of your vehicle at your arrival in the agency.

  • The internet rate is 25% cheaper than the rate in the rental agency.

  • During promotional periods, accumulate discounts on your car rental thanks to the promo code.

A period of 24 hours must be respected between the date of reservation and the date of collection of your rental car at the agency.

- Refund of the amount of the reservation of your rental car if you cancel it 48h before the departure date. A cancellation fee (250 DH) will be deducted.

- Beyond this period, no refund is due.

At Hertz, we strive to make your car rental experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. To meet your specific needs, we're delighted to offer a range of additional options to enhance your journey. Here's an overview of our comfort options that you can book with your next car rental:

  • Child booster seat and baby seat : Ensure the safety of your little ones by reserving a child booster seat or baby seat adapted to their age and size.

  • Additional driver : Share the road with a friend or family member by adding an additional driver to your rental contract.

  • GPS : Take the hassle out of navigation by adding a reliable GPS navigation system to your rental.

  • Wi-Fi : Stay connected during your trip by booking our on-board Wi-Fi service to stay online wherever you go.

  • Fastrack departure : Save time collecting your vehicle with faster queuing and priority service.

  • Fastrack arrival : Simplify the return of your vehicle by using our Fastrack service for a faster return process.

Whether you're traveling with family, friends or on business, these additional options are designed to enhance your comfort and convenience. To reserve one of these options, simply mention it when you book online, or contact us by phone.

The payment of your reservation

The payment of your car rental on the website or in the rental agency can only be done by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, AMEX).

In case of problems during the payment of your reservation online, you can contact us at the number: (+212) 0 522 48 47 10

The deposit can only be made with a valid credit card in the driver's name. All other means (cash or check) are not accepted.

Tienes la posibilidad de reducir el montante de tu franquicia, souscrivant au rachat de franquicia:

1.       Rachat partiel SCDW (en DH)

2.       Rachat total SP-CDW (en DH)

The Comfort+ pack is designed to better protect you during the car rental period. It can be subscribed in the agency before the start of the rental. The pack includes the following guarantees:

✛ Civil liability (included in the rental car insurance)

✛ Insurance for the rental car and the persons transported

✛ Glass breakage coverage for the vehicle

✛ Total repurchase of deductible

Rental cars available at Hertz Morocco

We offer a wide range of car rentals :

✛ Standard & compacts


✛ Premium

 SUV & 4x4

✛ Familial & minibus


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