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Car rental fes railway / oncf

Our agency at Fes train station

The area of ​​car rental companies present at Fez train station being well indicated, you won't be able to miss our agency with its bright color.Once you arrive at the agency, our agent will welcome you and have you sign the rental agreement after completing the last missing information. Our agent will take you to the train station car park for a quick check-up before giving you the keys.

Other Hertz car rental agencies in Fes

There are also 2 other car rental agencies in Fez:

  • Fes Car Rental Agency at the airport

  • Car rental agency in the city center of Fez

Hertz car rental agency at the oncf Fès train station


+212 8 02 00 77 78

Available rental vehicles at Fes train station

Familial & minibus car rental in Morocco

A large choice indispensable for family trips, do not neglect the space and comfort for your trips

Hertz Citroën C3 MT car rent in Morocco

Ideal for sneaking into town but also able to hit the road without too much luggag

Suv 4x2 and 4x4 car rental in Morocco

Crossover or All Terrain, ideal for getting off the beaten track by combining pleasure and performance

Premium car rental in Morocco

Live a unique experience with the PREMIUM Range! Specifically designed for the lovers of luxury, comfort and pleasure!

Hybrid car rental in Morocco

Eco-friendly driving in a still new hybrid rental car

Hertz refrigerated truck rental in Morocco

A range of commercial and utility vehicles to support you in your professional needs

Because Fez train station is one of the busiest crossing points in Fes, we offer you all the categories of vehicles you may need for a rental from the train station: city car, familial, SUV & 4x4 , minibus...Especially in high season, remember to book in advance your rental because certain car rental categories at Fes train station can be victims of their success.

To rent a car at the Fes train station, you will need the following documents:

  • Valid driving license for each driver listed on the rental contract

  • Identification (identity card or passport)

  • Credit card in the name of the rental contract holder

La edad mínima para alquilar un coche en la estación de Fez es de 21 años, con al menos 12 meses de experiencia al volante.

Para determinados vehículos de la categoría familiar o SUV & 4x4, la edad mínima de alquiler es de 23 años.

Por último, los conductores menores de 23 años deben contratar un seguro de conductor joven para alquilar un coche en Marruecos.

Collision and theft insurance are compulsory with every Hertz Morocco rental car. In the event of a claim, the rental contract holder is financially liable for damage up to the vehicle's deductible.

The deposit for a rental car at Fez station varies from 14,400DH (approx. €1,400) to 72,000 DH (€7,000), depending on the vehicle rented. The amount of the deposit is indicated at the time of vehicle selection.

To pick up your rental car at the Fes train station, the rental contract holder must pay the vehicle deposit, which will be blocked on his/her credit card for the duration of the rental in Fes.

The speed limit in Fez city center and near the railway station is 30 to 60 km/h, depending on the street and avenue.

On the outskirts of Fez and in the rest of Morocco, the speed limit on national roads is 100 km/h, and 120 km/h on freeways.

King's Palace of Fez

Fès railway station

When you hear people talk about the richness of culture and the depth of history, you probably think of Fez, a Moroccan city distinguished by its atmosphere and its medieval-style architecture. Once you've set foot in Fès, a gentle breeze of ancient times will envelop you and entice you to visit the city point by point.

Fès, the spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco, is home to one of the country's most important railway stations. Located in the heart of the ancient city, it is a hub of transport and commerce. Dozens of trains and buses pass through every day, and the station teems with people coming and going. Today, it's still a major transit point for passengers and goods, linking Morocco to the rest of the world. If you're passing through Fez, be sure to stop by the station and see the action first-hand!


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