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When you hear people talking about rich culture and deep history places, you surely think of Fes, a Moroccan city renewed for its middle-age style vibes and architecture. Once you set foot in Fes, a breeze of ancient time will hit you, and lure you into touring the city spot by spot until you feel satisfied. A car can be convenient to facilitate the trip. Opt for Hertz, the leader of car rental in morocco, and get premium service.

If you already feel excited, why don't you go and witness the beauty of Fes personally? To facilitate your trip, take a look at our touristic guide " Road-trip to Fes, the Moroccan artwork " in order to get hints on how to explore Fes the right way.

Fes train station
Bd des Almohades FES
30050 🚉 Gare de Fès
Opening hours :

Opening hours: Daily from 7AM to 10PM

Agency responsible :

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Location of the car rental agency Fes train station in Morocco