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Are you planning to land at Oujda Airport ? Our Hertz agentwill be happy to be present at the exit with a dedicated sign to give you the best welcome and guide you to the office. 

Oujda airport
Aeroport Oujda les Angades
60000 ✈ Aeroport Oujda
Opening hours :
Opening hours: Daily from 7AM to 10PM
Agency responsible :
car rental Oujda Airport

A border town in the northeast, Oujda represents the road,rail and human crossroads of the Orient. Easily accessible, both by road and by air, car rental will allow you to enjoy this city, and its medina bathed in Mediterranean light, where there is constant activity. Oujda is also the ancient ramparts, the ancient Jamaâ Al Kabir mosque, the sublime Merinid Medersa, the Dar Essebti palace, and its beautiful colonial architecture ...Not to mention the magnificent Mediterranean beaches a few km from the city.

To discover this magnificent city, rent a rental Hertz car and collect it from our agency Oujda Airport.

Location of the car rental agency Oujda airport in Morocco