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Car Rental Fez City Center

Our car rental agencies in Fez

Fez-Saïss Airport Agency

The agency at Fez Saïss International Airport is the best place to pick up your rental car in the region. It is one of the largest airports in Morocco where you will find all possible vehicle categories, and the best prices in Fez.

Schedule :Monday - Sunday; 7:00am - 10:00pm(Our service stays open until midnight to wait for our customers if their flight arrives late)Tel : +212 8 02 00 77 78

Our rental agency is located inside the terminal of Fez airport and is very easy to find. Once you have passed through customs, signs will indicate the professional car rental area where you will easily see our bright yellow agency.As soon as you sign the rental agreement, an agent will accompany you to your vehicle to do an inventory. After that, you are free to go to your hotel, to the souk of Fez, or anywhere else!

You are already in Fez?Then visit our 2 rental agencies in the city center!

Hertz car rental Fez Morocco


STARC SA. 30 avenue des FAR

+212 8 02 00 77 78

Hours of operation : 07h-22h

Agency manager : reservation@hertz.ma

Fez city center agency

The agency is located in the center of Fez, between Hassan II Avenue and the Tajamouâti Mosque. The area is very well served by public transport and is close to the main roads. Ideal if you need to travel to other cities such as Meknes, Rabat, Tangier, Casablanca, or even Oujda.On site, our agents will offer you several categories of vehicles available for rent, as well as other services to make your stay in Fez even more pleasant.

Fez ONCF Station Agency

Our agency is located at the entrance of the station of Fes on the Boulevard des Almohades.At the exit of the train, signs indicate the rental boxes of professional car rental companies. In a few minutes, you will go from your train to your vehicle!

3 Reasons to Rent a Car in Fez

Discover the region!

Fez is a beautiful city, but the region has many other wonders to offer you! If you don't have a vehicle, you'll be forced to take taxis or go through tour operators whose schedules are quite rigid and strict. Not very appealing when you're on vacation! With a rental car, you can visit the best tourist sites: the desert, the archaeological site of Volubilis, Meknès, Oulad Tayeb, etc. And if you're not afraid to hit the road, take a trip to Tangier, Rabat, or Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco!

Public transportation is limited

Don't count on public transportation to get around Fez. The network is quite limited, and the frequency between two buses is long. In the center of Fez, the network is decent, but it's complicated to get around between the city and the suburbs using public transportation. For example, the Fès-Saïss International Airport is not connected to the center of Fez. Since the most beautiful tourist sites in Fez are outside the city, it would be a shame not to be able to access them during your vacation because you don't have a vehicle.

The most economical solution for your vacation in Morocco

If you don't have a car in Fez, you'll be forced to order a taxi for each trip, as public transportation is limited. A means of transportation that can quickly become expensive given the price of taxis. Gasoline is not expensive in Morocco, and car rental offers are affordable in Fez, making renting a vehicle not only the best solution but also the most economical way to discover the country.

Price of a car rental in Fez

Rental car prices in Fez vary depending on the season.

High Season Prices (June-August)

During the high season in Fez, expect to pay an average budget of

  • €19 to €25 per day for a City car

  • €70 to €85 per day for a Family car

  • €68 to €83 per day for a Sedan.

Low and Mid Season Prices (September - May)

During the low and mid seasons in Fez, expect to pay an average budget of

  • €14 to €17 per day for a City car rental

  • €45 to €55 per day for a Family car rental

  • €42 to €54 per day for a Sedan car rental

Car Rental in Fez with Hertz Morocco

Which car to rent in Fez

The choice of car category to rent depends on how you plan to use it during your stay in Morocco.

  • If you're staying in the city of Fez or its outskirts, choose a City car (Renault Clio, Kia Picanto ...), which is one of the most popular cars here.

  • If you plan to travel all over Morocco, opt for a Family car (Dacia Lodgy, Peugeot Boxer ...) or an SUV (Dacia Duster, Citroen Cactus ...).

Minimum age for renting a car in Fez

To rent a car in Fez and throughout Morocco, you must be at least 21 years old and have held a driver's license for at least 1 year.For some vehicles, you must be at least 23 years old and have held a driver's license for at least 2 years.Drivers under the age of 23 on the day of vehicle pickup must take out the Young Driver insurance regardless of the type of vehicle.


  • At Hertz Morocco, you have a choice between two levels of protection when you reserve your rental car in Fez :

  • The basic rental, with a deductible whose amount varies depending on the rental vehicle category (from €1,400 to €3,600).The rental with Total Coverage "0 risk + 0 deductible" which offers maximum protection with the comfort+ pack insurances.

Subscribe to the Total Coverage service and benefit from optimal protection in the event of an accident during your stay in Fez (collision, damage, broken window, flat tire, or attempted theft). This way, you are released from all responsibilities in case of problems, and you will be at ease during your vacation in Morocco.

To pick up your car, you will have to pay a deposit which will be blocked on your credit card for the duration of the rental. Make sure your card has enough credit or opt for Total Coverage rental.Only credit cards are allowed, debit cards are not accepted.

Cancellation policy

At Hertz Morocco, you can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before picking up the vehicle at the agency and get a full refund of your rental, subject to a processing fee of 240 MAD/TTC.For more freedom, subscribe to the free cancellation insurance to receive a full refund if you cancel less than 48 hours before picking up the vehicle or do not pick it up at the agency.


The number of kilometers included in your Fez rental car contract varies depending on the model you choose.Some cars are limited to 100 km per day while others have unlimited mileage.This information will be indicated when reserving the vehicle. Choose unlimited mileage if you plan to drive a lot in Morocco.

Driving in Fez

Driving at night

It is not recommended to drive at night outside the city of Fez.In Fez, as in many places in Morocco, the roads outside the major cities are not lit at night, but are also used by farmers or villagers with loads that have no lighting. Accidents are unfortunately common.

Can I drive in Fez with a French driver's license?

You can drive in Fez and throughout Morocco with a driving license obtained in France or in a European country. The traffic rules are quite similar to those in France, including the priority on the right which applies everywhere in Morocco.Please note that only original driving license documents are recognized by the authorities in Fez.

Parking in Fez

Parking is not free in most areas of the city of Fez. You will find large commercial parking lots that can accommodate hundreds of vehicles, as well as small guarded parking lots that can accommodate less than 10 cars.Parking rates vary from 5 to 10 dirhams per day.Do not hesitate to negotiate for a better price.Outside the city, parking is free most of the time (as it is everywhere in Morocco).


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