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Car Rental Rabat Airport

Hertz car hire Agency at Rabat Salé Airport (RBA)

Our car rental agency at Rabat International Airport is optimally positioned inside the arrivals hall, offering effortless access immediately as you step into the main airport building, ensuring a seamless commencement to your journey.

Upon clearing customs at Rabat International Airport, you'll notice signs guiding you to our car rental agency located within the terminal. Your rental agreement will be prepared ahead of time, awaiting only your signature, and our agent will accompany you to the car park for a thorough vehicle inspection.

Once this process is complete, the keys will be yours, and you're all set to explore Rabat. Whether your plans include driving to your hotel, venturing into the city centre, visiting the beaches, exploring historical sites like the Hercules' Caves and Cap Spartel, or heading to Tetouan and the industrial port, you're well-equipped.

Hertz car rental Rabat Morocco airport


+212 8 02 00 77 78

Opening hours :

  • Monday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Tuesday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Wednesday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Thursday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Friday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Saturday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Sunday : 07:00 - 22:00

Contact :


Other Rabat car hire locations

Other Hertz car hire locations in Rabat include :

  • Downtown Rabat Branch at 467 Mohamed V Boulevard 10000

  • Rabat ONCF Railway Station Branch

Rabat Airport car hire types

We at Hertz Rabat take pride in offering an expansive selection of affordable, brand-new, and recent cars for rent, ensuring optimal comfort and safety. Our diverse range of car types is meticulously chosen to meet every possible need in Rabat. Moreover, we take great care of our vehicles, conducting thorough maintenance checks on everything from the engine to windshield fluid, ensuring they are in top condition for your journey.

Mini & Economy cars: Ideal for couples or small families, these compact and efficient vehicles make navigating Rabat's lively streets a breeze.

Intermediate cars: Offering a perfect balance between size and efficiency, these hire cars are suitable for longer journeys or for those who require more space.

Large cars: Designed with families or groups in mind, our spacious vehicles provide plenty of luggage storage and ensure a comfortable ride.

SUV & 4WD cars: Perfect for tackling the diverse Moroccan terrains, these cars ensure safe travel across different landscapes. These vehicles have the capacity to navigate diverse terrains and conditions, offering a blend of comfort and ruggedness ideal for exploring Morocco's varied landscapes.

Hybrid & Electric cars: For those seeking an eco-friendly driving option in Rabat, our hybrid and electric cars offer a cost-effective and comfortable journey.

Luxury cars: Experience unparalleled comfort and luxury on the roads of Rabat with our premium vehicles.

Commercial rental vehicles: A van hire is ideal for transporting goods or bulky items, our range includes practical vehicles designed to meet various logistical needs in Rabat city.

This selection showcases our commitment to catering to a wide array of transportation requirements, ensuring that whether you're in Rabat for business or pleasure, you have the perfect hire care at your disposal.

minibus and large car hire in morocco

intermediate car hire morocco
SUV 4WD car hire in morocco
Premium car rental in Morocco
Hybrid electric car rental in Morocco
Commercial car hire morocco

Top 10 Most popular rental cars in Rabat

Hertz city car rental at ONCF train station in Morocco
Peugeot 308 compact rental
Hertz Kia picanto car rental in Morocco

Looking for a car rental that's practical and easy to drive ? The Kia Picanto is definitely the right model for you. Economic to hire, it can be used to take you on your journeys and discover all the treasures of the Kingdom. You will definitely enjoy driving it.

Hertz Dacia Duster car rental in Morocco
OPEL Corsa
Hertz Škoda Superb car rental in Morocco
Hertz FIAT Doblo car rental in Morocco
Hertz Kia Niro AT Hybrid car rent in Morocco

Car hire Rabat Airport (RBA) | FAQs

For exploring Rabat's bustling cityscape, we recommend renting a Mini or Economy car, like a Kia Picanto or Citroën C3, which are ideal due to their ease of manoeuvring and parking within the city's narrow streets.

For families or groups, an Intermediate vehicle or SUV, such as a Peugeot 508 or Toyota Prado, is more fitting.

And for the rural terrains surrounding Rabat, a 4x4 or SUV is advisable, including models like Dacia Duster or Suzuki Jimny, for their robustness and versatility in Morocco.

In the past 48 hours, the cheapest car hire company in Rabat was the Hertz branch at Rabat-Sale International Airport (RBA).

The car hire agencies that are offered at Rabat-Sale International Airport include Hertz, Europcar, Budget, Ace, Sovoy, Aircar, Green Motion, addCar rental, United rent, Wanalou, etc.

The most popular car hire in Rabat is the Kia Picanto or Peugeot 208, or similar vehicles.

The prime spot for car hire in Rabat is at Rabat-Salé International Airport. This location for pick-up offers the advantage of bypassing the need for additional transport to your accommodation (taxi, Shuttle, public transports), presents a broad array of car rentals options, and ensures access to the most competitive car hire deals in Rabat.

Within the urban and residential areas of Rabat, the speed limit is generally set at 40 km/h (24 mph).

On rural roads surrounding Rabat, the speed limit increases to between 80 km/h (50 mph) and 100 km/h (62 mph), and on motorways, it extends up to 100 km/h (62 mph) to 120 km/h (74 mph), facilitating travel to other major cities.

It's imperative to adhere to these speed limits for safety and to avoid fines​​.

To rent a car in Rabat, the required documents at the rental desk are:

  • A Passport or National ID Card

  • A valid driving License for all drivers, with UK licences being acceptable

  • A Credit Card in the name of the main driver for the security deposit

These documents are essential for completing the rental agreement and ensuring that all legal and safety requirements are met before you take to the road.

The minimum age required to hire a car in Rabat is generally 21 years old, and renters must have had their driving license for at least one year. However, this can vary by rental company, and there may be additional fees for drivers under a certain age, typically under 25​​.

In Rabat, securing a parking spot can be as much about strategy as it is about timing. Street parking is akin to finding a needle in a haystack, and even when luck is on your side, the available spaces may challenge even the most adept drivers due to their snug fit amidst the city's hustle and bustle. An efficient workaround is leveraging the parking facilities at the Agdal tram line's end. Not only does this offer a stress-free parking solution, but it also provides an economical and swift passage into the city's core, with the Medina just a 10-minute tram ride away, costing a mere 6 MAD (0.50 GBP).

For those prioritising security or seeking convenience near Rabat's landmarks or accommodations, considering hotel guest parking or scouting out spots near significant attractions can enhance your experience. While Rabat's streets present limited options, structured parking lots or garages offer monitored spaces for a nominal fee. There are semi-official attendants (not scammers) overseeing street parking for fees that hover around 2 to 5 Moroccan Dirhams per hour (approximately £0.17 to £0.42). Engaging in a bit of haggling with these attendants is not uncommon and can often lead to a more agreeable rate, echoing a practice that's as much a part of the local driving culture as navigating its roads.

The Hertz branch at Rabat-Salé Airport is conveniently located in the arrivals hall, directly inside the airport terminal. There's no need for shuttle service; simply follow the signs once you've passed through customs for a swift vehicle pickup. This setup ensures a smooth transition from your flight to driving in Rabat, allowing you to begin your journey with ease and efficiency.

Other car hire companies located at the Rabat airport terminal include: Sixt, Aircar, Budget, Europcar, Ace, addCar Rental, Green Motion, Sovoy, United Rent, Wanalou, and more.

Yes, it is definitely worth hiring a car in Rabat.

In Rabat, public transport options are somewhat limited and may not offer the convenience tourists seek for extensive exploration. Indeed, public transport may not provide the comprehensive coverage or frequency needed to access all of Rabat's attractions comfortably.

Hiring a car in Rabat enhances your travel experience by providing the flexibility to explore the city and its surroundings at your leisure. This option is particularly valuable given the limited and less convenient public transport options for tourists. With a rental car, you can easily visit major landmarks such as the Medina, Mausoleum of Mohammad V, and the Kasbah of the Udayas.

A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection Waiver come standard with Hertz car hires in Morocco. For comprehensive coverage, it is recommended to chose optional insurance, which helps cover the deductible in case of vehicle damage or accidents, ensuring added peace of mind during your travels.

All Hertz branches in Rabat provide the convenience of free cancellation:

  • Rabat Sale Airport (RBA)

  • Central city branch in Rabat

  • Rabat ONCF railway station branch.

To avail of the free cancellation, please ensure to communicate your request within the specified timeframe outlined in the rental terms and conditions.

Driving in Rabat can be challenging, especially for inexperienced drivers. The traffic in the capital city can be chaotic and noisy, with pedestrians and vehicles moving unpredictably. You need to be alert and patient when driving in Rabat, and follow the road signs in Arabic and French. You may also want to use a sat-nav to help you navigate the city and avoid getting lost. The roads in Rabat are generally in good condition, but you may encounter dust, sand, and heat that can affect your visibility and comfort.

Traffic conditions in Rabat fluctuate based on the day and time of the week. On weekdays, congestion is pronounced between 07:30-09:00 and 16:30-18:00. Conversely, on weekends, traffic may become congested, particularly on Sunday evenings, as individuals return from their day trips outside the city.

You should always wear your seat belt when driving in Rabat, as it is mandatory by law and can save your life in case of an accident.

Morocco drives on the right side of the road and therefore adheres to right-hand traffic regulations.

Hertz and the majority of automobile rental agencies in Rabat offer the opportunity to hire cars with automatic transmissions. However automatic cars are less common in Morocco so you may have to pay extra cost.

You are permitted to drive in Morocco with a driving licence from the UK, the USA, or Canada. An international driving licence can prove useful, although it is not obligatory. Remember to always keep your passport with you while driving.

A majority of gas stations in Rabat take cash and major credit / debit cards for payment (Visa and Mastercard).

However, it is recommended to always carry cash on hand, as smaller gas stations outside the city might not take credit cards or debit cards.

Yes, it is possible to return your hire car to a different city than the pick up location.

Be aware that there will be additional fees for this service.

Yes, hiring a car from Rabat-Salé Airport is often cheaper than in Rabat city center. This price difference can be attributed to several factors:

Competition: Rabat-Salé Airport, much like other airports across Morocco, is home to numerous car hire companies situated close to each other, encouraging competition and driving prices down. Conversely, rental agencies in city centres may encounter less competition, enabling them to uphold higher prices.

Taxes and Fees: Rental agencies located in city centres may be subjected to higher taxes and fees imposed by local authorities, thereby contributing to increased overall costs for customers. Airports often operate under different tax structures or agreements, potentially resulting in lower prices for rental cars.

Convenience: Car rental companies at the airport may offer better deals to attract customers seeking convenience. Travellers arriving at airports often favour the simplicity of renting a car immediately upon arrival, prompting rental companies to adjust their prices accordingly to maintain competitiveness.

Demand: The demand for rental cars can fluctuate between airports and city centres. Airports typically witness heightened demand from tourists and business travellers, fostering greater competition among hire companies and potentially leading to lower prices.

Cheap car hire rabat morocco

When to book a car hire in Rabat

Planning your Rabat airport car hire requires a strategic approach, particularly in terms of timing your reservation. It's advisable to secure your vehicle rental well ahead of your journey, aiming for a booking window several months before your trip. This anticipation not only guarantees that you'll have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from but also positions you to capture the best care hire deals available for your rental duration.

When organizing your rental in Morocco, precision in detailing your rental start and end dates, along with specifying both your collection and return points, is crucial. Such clarity in your reservation helps ensure a hassle-free car rental experience, allowing you to navigate Morocco's captivating landscapes without any hiccups. By prioritizing early booking and paying close attention to these critical details, you stand to enhance both the affordability and enjoyment of your Rabat adventure.

Car Category

High Season

Low Season

Mini & Economy cars

24£ - 51£ / Day

14£ - 21£ / Day

Intermediate cars

42£ - 92£ / Day

23£ - 37£ / Day

Large cars

44£ - 87£ / Day

25£ - 40£ / Day


63£ - 136£ / Day

43£ - 68£ / Day

Hybrid & Electric cars

72£ - 143£ / Day

44£ - 68£ / Day

Luxury cars

81£ - 142£ / Day

71£ - 133£ / Day

How much does a Mini & Economy car hire at Rabat Airport (RBA) cost?

On average, renting a Mini & Economy car in Rabat costs £39 per day.

How much does an intermediate car hire at Rabat Airport (RBA) cost?

On average, an intermediate car hire in Rabat costs £44 per day.

How much does a large car hire at Rabat Airport (RBA) cost?

On average, a large car hire in Rabat costs £53 per day.

How much does a SUV & 4WD car hire at Rabat Airport (RBA) cost?

On average, a SUV & 4WD car hire at Rabat international airport costs £54 per day.

How much does a Hybrid & Electric car hire at Rabat Airport (RBA) cost?

On average, a Hybrid & Electric car hire at Rabat international airport £64 per day.

How much does a premium car hire at Rabat Airport (RBA) cost?

On average, a premium car hire at Rabat international airport costs £93 per day.

How much does it cost to hire a car at Rabat Airport (RBA) per day?

On average a car hire in Rabat costs £31 per day.

How much does it cost to rent a car at Rabat Airport (RBA) for a week?

On average a car hire in Rabat costs £203 per week (£29 per day).

How much does it cost to rent a car at Rabat Airport (RBA) for 2 weeks?

On average a car hire in Rabat costs £391 for two weeks (£27 per day).

How much does it cost to rent a car at Rabat Airport (RBA) for a month ?

On average a car hire in Rabat costs £765 per month (£25 per day).

Tips for cheap car hire deals in Rabat

Discovering the best car hire deal for car rentals in Rabat involves a mix of strategy and timing. Here are some refined strategies to ensure you enjoy the best car rental deals in Rabat:

Prioritize Early Reservations: The rule of thumb for securing the best car hire deal in Rabat is to book as early as possible. An advanced booking, months before your arrival, can help you lock in lower rates and ensure a broader selection of vehicles, at the lowest price.

Seek Bundled Offers: Look for rental packages in Rabat that include comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage, and all applicable taxes. These great deals can protect you against unexpected costs and provide a clear picture of your total rental expenditure during your holiday.

Utilize Comparison Tools: Leverage online platforms to compare car rental offers across various companies in Rabat. This approach allows you to search the most attractive deals and understand the market's pricing dynamics.

Optimize with the Right Car Type: Selecting a vehicle that aligns with your travel needs. By choosing the most appropriate car type for your trip, you can enjoy savings on fuel consumption and rental rates, contributing to a more budget-friendly travel experience in Rabat.

Consider Longer Rentals: Surprisingly, renting a vehicle for a week or more in Rabat can be more economical than shorter rental periods. Extending your rental can reduce the daily rate, offering more value for your money.

Optional insurance: Many credit cards offer hire car deductible cover as a perk of membership, which can serve as a substitute for the rental company's insurance, allowing you to save money on your rental costs.

Opt for Airport Collection: Car rentals in airports are not just about convenience. It often translates to accessing some of the most competitive rental rates available, given the volume of transactions at this location, and spares you the cost of paying for a taxi.

Adapting these strategies to your car rental plans in Rabat can enhance both the affordability and convenience of your travel experience, ensuring you make the most out of your visit to Morocco's capital.

Why book your hire car with Hertz Rabat?

Booking your car hire with Hertz Rabat ensures a premium rental experience, distinguished by exceptional service, vehicle quality, and convenience:

Diverse Fleet Selection & Exceptional Vehicle Maintenance:

At Hertz Rabat, the variety and quality of the fleet cater to all preferences and requirements. From compact city cars for agile urban navigation to spacious SUVs for adventurous excursions, Hertz offers the latest models, each meticulously maintained to the highest standards. This commitment to a diverse, modern, and well-kept fleet guarantees comfort, safety, and reliability, enhancing your driving experience across Morocco.

Customer-Focused Services:

Hertz Rabat excels in personalized customer service, ensuring every rental is tailored to meet the unique needs of each traveler. Whether you require a child seat for a family journey, GPS navigation for exploring, or additional driver coverage for shared driving duties, Hertz's dedicated team is ready to assist. This approach to customer service, emphasizing flexibility and convenience, sets Hertz apart, making car rental in Rabat a smooth and hassle-free process.

Convenient Locations:

With strategically situated branches, including at the Rabat-Salé Airport, city centre, and other accessible locations, Hertz Rabat provides unmatched convenience for pick-ups and returns. This network of locations ensures that, regardless of your arrival point or destination within the city, a Hertz branch is never too far away.

By choosing Hertz Rabat for your car hire, you're opting for a service that combines quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction. Hertz's longstanding reputation, bolstered by these core advantages, makes it the ideal partner for your travels in Rabat and beyond, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable trip.

Rabat car hire insurance

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & Theft Protection Waiver

At Hertz Morocco, all our vehicles at Rabat salé airport are mandatorily rented with a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection coverage insurance included. In the event of an incident, the responsibility of the contract holder is limited to the deductible amount. This comprehensive approach sets us apart from other Rabat car hire companies who may not include these waivers as standard in their rental agreements and charge extra.


The deductible represents the amount you're liable for in case of an incident while renting a vehicle. This figure varies with the vehicle's class, starting at 14,000 MAD (around £1,200) for compact cars, and reaching up to 36,000 MAD (about £3,000) for family or premium models. Given that even a minor scratch on a vehicle can lead to costly repairs, it's highly recommended to secure insurance coverage.

To lessen your financial liability and avoid the outlay of the deductible should an accident occur with your rented vehicle in Rabat, Hertz Morocco proposes Partial or Total Excess Waiver options. These waivers can be added to your booking, either when making your reservation or before you pick up your vehicle keys, ensuring peace of mind throughout your rental period with no extra cost.

Rabat Sale airport (RBA)

Rabat-Salé Airport (RBA) is not just a gateway to Morocco's capital but also a crucial link connecting Rabat with a wide array of domestic and international destinations. The airport, located conveniently close to the city, offers a seamless transition for travellers to and from the capital, ensuring easy access to Rabat's rich cultural, political, and educational institutions.

Air travel from RBA is supported by a variety of airlines, facilitating direct and connecting flights across different continents. Carriers such as Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia Maroc are among the key airlines, ensuring extensive connectivity to major cities across Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and potentially other regions. This broad network makes Rabat accessible for business and leisure travellers alike, highlighting the airport's integral role in Morocco's international relations and tourism industry.

With its strategic location, only 8km away from the city centre, reaching Rabat from the airport can be done swiftly, with the journey time depending on your choice of transport:

Car Hire: About 20-30 minutes.

Taxi: Around 20-30 minutes.

Public Transport: Expect around 45 minutes to an hour.

Shuttle Services: Provided by some accommodations and private companies, blending efficiency with comfort.

car rental rabat

Exploring Rabat

Rabat City

Embark on a journey to Rabat, the distinguished capital of Morocco, where the Bouregreg River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Delve into its storied past at the iconic Kasbah of the Udayas, a fortress offering panoramic views and a peek into Moroccan artistry at its museum. Navigate the medina's alleys for exquisite handicrafts, aromatic spices, and vibrant textiles. Rabat's modernity shines along its revamped waterfront, featuring upscale cafes and eateries, showcasing a blend of Moroccan tradition and contemporary flair. Beyond the city limits, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V presents solemn beauty and architectural grandeur. Rabat salé Kénitra stands as a testament to Morocco's rich history, melding cultural influences, and breathtaking natural landscapes, making it a compelling exploration for any traveler.

Best day trips from Rabat by road trip

Casablanca: Gateway to Modern Morocco (87 km | 1 hour)

Casablanca, Morocco's largest city, blends modernity with heritage. Known for its impressive Hassan II Mosque that extends over the Atlantic Ocean, it's a city where contemporary and traditional Moroccan architectures meet. Explore its bustling markets, art deco buildings, and vibrant nightlife for a taste of Morocco's urban pulse.

Meknes: Imperial City and Vineyards (130 km | 2 hours)

A journey to Meknes offers insights into Morocco's imperial past and its renowned wineries. The city's historic medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcases Islamic architecture, including the grand Bab Mansour gate. Beyond the city, the rolling hills are dotted with vineyards, inviting visitors to taste Morocco's acclaimed wines.

car hire rabat

Volubilis: Ancient Roman Ruins (180 km | 2.5 hours)

Discover the ancient ruins of Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which provides a glimpse into Roman-era Morocco. The well-preserved mosaics, temples, and arches amidst scenic countryside make it a captivating destination for history enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Ouzoud Waterfalls: Nature's Marvel (300 km | 4 hours)

Embark on a road trip to the Ouzoud Waterfalls, one of Morocco's natural wonders. Towering at 110 meters, these falls are surrounded by lush, green valleys and traditional Berber villages. The area offers opportunities for hiking, picnicking, and witnessing the resident Barbary apes.

The Atlantic Coast Drive: Rabat to Essaouira (490 km | 5 hours)

Set off on a coastal road trip from Rabat to Essaouira, enjoying the diverse landscapes and ocean views along the Atlantic coast. Stop at the picturesque towns of El Jadida and Oualidia for fresh seafood and explore their historic sites. As you reach Essaouira, known for its fortified walls, windy beaches, and Gnaoua music festival, you'll experience the unique blend of cultural influences that make this city a UNESCO World Heritage site.

These excursions from Rabat allow travelers to experience the breadth of Morocco's landscapes, from bustling cities and historic ruins to natural wonders and coastal retreats, each offering a distinct perspective on the country's rich heritage and natural beauty.

Car Hire locations in Morocco


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