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Car hire Fes airport

Hertz car hire Agency at Fez-Saïss (FEZ)

The Hertz agency at Fes-Saïss Airport is easily identifiable, situated just beyond customs in the designated car rental area. Upon arrival, a friendly agent will greet you and assist with the necessary paperwork, ensuring you sign your rental agreement and conducting a thorough inspection of the rental car to note its condition. Once you receive the keys, you are free to drive to any destination, whether it's local hotels, the bustling Medina, or beyond, at your own leisure.

Hertz car rental Fez Morocco airport


+212 8 02 00 77 78

Opening hours :

  • Monday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Tuesday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Wednesday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Thursday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Friday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Saturday : 07:00 - 22:00

  • Sunday : 07:00 - 22:00

Contact : reservation@hertz.ma

Other Fes car hire locations

Other Hertz car hire locations in Fes include :

- Downtown Fes branch at 1 Rue Kissariat de la foire

- ONCF train station in Fes branch

Fes Airport hire car types

intermediate car hire morocco

minibus and large car hire in morocco
SUV 4WD car hire in morocco
Premium car rental in Morocco
Hybrid electric car rental in Morocco
Commercial car hire morocco

Top 10 most popular car hires at Fes Airport

Hertz city car rental at ONCF train station in Morocco
Hertz Dacia Duster car rental in Morocco
Peugeot 308 compact rental
Hertz HONDA Civic Hybrid AT car rent in Morocco
Hertz KIA Sportage car rental in Morocco
Hertz Škoda Superb car rental in Morocco
Hertz FIAT Doblo car rental in Morocco
Hertz car rental Suzuki Jimny Morocco

Car rental in Fes Airport (FEZ) | FAQs

For couples visiting Fes, it is advisable to rent an Economy type vehicle, such as the Suzuki Swift or the Dacia Sandero Streetway, which offers convenience and efficiency, ideal for navigating the narrow streets of the city centre.

For families or groups of friends, renting an Intermediate class vehicle, like the Citroën C Elysée or the Kia Sonet, is recommended as it provides more space and comfort for larger groups.

In the past 48 hours, the cheapest car hire company in Fez was the Hertz branch located at Fes-Saïss international airport (FEZ).

At Fez-Saïss international airport (CMN), the car rental companies available are Hertz, Green Motion, Avis, Ace, Addcar Rental, Thrifty, Europcar, Wanalou, Sovoy, United rent a car, etc.

In Fes, economy types such as the Kia Picanto and Dacia Sandero Streetway, or similar vehicles, are typically the most sought-after for car rentals.

The most popular car hire location in Fes is the Hertz branch at Fes-Saïss Airport, known for its convenience.

In Fes, as in most urban areas across Morocco, the general speed limit is usually 50 km/h (about 31 mph). However, this can vary depending on specific road signs and local regulations, especially in residential areas or near schools where lower limits might be enforced. Always observe local signage and adapt your speed accordingly.

To rent a car in Fes, you need the following documents:

  • A Passport or National ID Card

  • A valid driving license for all drivers; UK licences or international driving licenses are accepted

  • A valid credit card in the name of the main driver for the security deposit

For a car hire in Fes, the minimum age is 21 years, with the requirement that the driver has held their licence for a minimum of one year.

The best places to park a rental car in Fes are:

- Hotels or accommodations: opt for an accommodation that offers parking facilities, especially if you plan to park overnight.

- Street parking: There are on-street parking options available in Fes. However, these are often metered, so be prepared to pay.

- Official parking lots near tourist attractions: Look for official parking areas close to major tourist sites. These facilities are usually paid, so having some cash on hand is advisable.

What car hire companies offer a pick-up service at Fes-Saïss intl. airport (FEZ)?

At Fes-Saïss International Airport (FEZ), several car hire companies offer convenient pick-up services directly inside the terminal, eliminating the need for a shuttle service.

Hertz and Thrifty have on-site agencies within the airport, providing easy access for travellers.

Other rental companies located within the airport include Sixt and Dollar, all of which offer a range of vehicles for immediate pick-up upon arrival.

Should I purchase insurance for my car rental in Fes?

A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection Waiver insurance are mandatorily included with your car hire. Additional coverage is not compulsory but strongly advised to waive deductible in case of accident or damages to the rental vehicle.

Is it worth hiring a car in Fes?

Hiring a car in Fes is generally worth considering if you value freedom and flexibility in your travel plans. Having your own car is the best way to explore the surroundings of Fes and discover all that this part of Morocco has to offer. Without a car, getting around can be challenging, especially when trying to visit tourist sites that are less accessible by public transport. Taxis in Fes can be expensive and are not always readily available, making a rental car a more convenient and potentially cost-effective option for exploring the area at your own pace.

Can I change or cancel my car hire booking in Fes?

Yes, it is possible to change or cancel your car hire reservation in Fes.

If there are any changes to your booking, the rates in effect at the time of modification will be applicable. It's crucial to keep us updated on any adjustments as soon as possible so that we can meet your requirements and adjust the rates accordingly.

Which car hire companies offer free cancellation in Fes?

All Hertz branches in Morocco offer free cancellation.

To enjoy free cancellation, please ensure you submit your request within the timeframe specified in the rental agreement's terms and conditions.

Which car hire companies at Fes international Airport (FEZ) provide rental vehicles with unlimited mileage?

The majority of car rental agencies in Fes offer vehicle rentals with unlimited mileage or with a limit of 100km per day.

Is it difficult to drive in Fez?

Driving in Fes can be a unique experience, given the city's bustling activity and distinct layout. Here are some key points to consider if you plan to drive in Fes:

  1. Narrow Streets: Many of the streets, especially in the older parts of the city like the Medina, are quite narrow and can be crowded. It's important to drive cautiously and be prepared for unexpected obstacles.

  2. Traffic Congestion: Like many busy cities, Fes can experience traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours.

  3. Parking: Finding parking can be challenging in the busier parts of the city. It's advisable to look for accommodation with parking or to use designated parking lots and garages.

  4. Local Driving Style: Local drivers may exhibit driving habits that differ from what you're accustomed to. Expect a more assertive driving style, including frequent honking, and remain vigilant at intersections and roundabouts.

  5. Road Signs and Regulations: Road signs in Morocco are generally in both Arabic and French, and local driving laws follow international standards.

  6. Rural Roads: If you're venturing outside of Fes, be aware that rural roads can be less maintained than those in the city. They may also be poorly lit at night, so extra caution is necessary.

Is Morocco left or right-hand drive?

Morocco drives on the right side of the road and therefore adheres to right-hand traffic regulations.

Can I rent an automatic car in Fes?

Yes, most care hire companies in Fes offer hire cars with automatic transmissions.

How can I pay for gas in Fes?

Most petrol stations in Fes accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as debit cards.

Nevertheless, we advise you to ensure you have cash readily available as smaller gas stations located outside of urban areas may not accept credit card payments.

Can I hire a car from Fes-Saïss Airport (FEZ) one-way?

Yes, it is possible to return your rental car to a different branch than the pick up location. Please note that there will be additional charges for this service.

Is renting a car from Fes Airport cheaper than taking a taxi to downtown Fes?

Yes, it is cheaper to hire a car from Fes Airport and drive to the city center than to opt for a taxi.

Cheap car hire Fez morocco

Car rental rates at Fes-Saïss Airport (FEZ) vary throughout the year based on the following factors:

  • Seasonal Demand: Prices typically rise during peak tourist seasons such as summer and major holidays, especially around the pick-up date, when the influx of tourists to the area increases demand.

  • Booking Patterns: Rates may be lower when bookings are made well in advance. Conversely, last-minute bookings often attract higher rates due to decreased availability.

  • Car hire locations: Airport locations often provide better rates, as they benefit from higher customer volumes and more competitive pricing.

Type of rental car

High season

Low season

Mini & Economy

£ 22 - 48 / day

£ 13 - 27 / day


£ 30 - 63 / day

£ 23 - 31 / day


£ 41 - 82 / day

£ 21 - 33 / day


£ 40 - 73 / day

£ 27 - 37 / day

Hybrid & Electric

£ 63 - 122 / day

£ 42 - 63 / day


£ 75 - 131 / day

£ 53 - 75 / day

Commercial Car Rental

£ 45 - 63 / day

£ 34 - 41 / day

How much does a Mini & Economy car hire at Fes-Saïss airport (FEZ) cost?

On average, a Mini & Economy car hire in Fez costs £23 per day

How much does an intermediate car hire at Fes-Saïss airport (FEZ) cost?

On average, an intermediate car hire in Fez costs £29 per day.

How much does a large car hire at Fes-Saïss airport (FEZ) cost?

On average, a large car hire in Fez costs £39 per day.

How much does a SUV & 4WD car hire at Fes-Saïss airport (FEZ) cost?

On average, a SUV & 4WD car hire in Fez costs £42 per day from a car hire company at Fes-Saïss airport.

How much does a Hybrid & Electric car hire at Fes-Saïss airport (FEZ) cost?

On average, a Hybrid & Electric car hire in Fez costs £43 per day.

How much does a premium car hire at Fes-Saïss airport (FEZ) cost?

On average, a premium car hire at Fes-Saïss airport costs £76 per day.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Fez per day?

On average, a car hire in Fez costs £26 per day.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Fez for a week?

On average, a car hire in Fez costs £176 per week (£25 per day).

How much does it cost to rent a car in Fez for 2 weeks?

The average price for a car hire in Fez is £326 for two weeks (£23 per day).

How much does it cost to rent a car in Fez for a month ?

On average a car hire in Fez costs £670 per month (£22 per day).

Tips for the best car hire deals in Fes

Here are a few tips to find the best car hire prices:

Book early: Especially during peak travel seasons, early booking can help you secure the best car rental deals and a better selection of vehicles.

Compare prices: Utilise online comparison tools to quickly assess rental cars from a multitude of companies at Fez Airport with just a few clicks. This method ensures you identify the most advantageous car rental deals available.

Check for discounts: Look for discounts and promotional offers for the cheapest rental cars. Some car rental companies in Morocco offer reduced rates for extended rentals, or discounts to members of certain organisations.

Avoid airport surcharges: Renting directly from the airport often proves more cost-effective and convenient compared to city centre options. The additional fees are usually offset by the savings on transportation costs to and from city locations, making it a practical choice for both convenience and overall expense.

Choose the right vehicle: Consider the type of hire car that best suits your needs. Larger vehicles are generally more expensive, so renting a smaller car can be more cost-effective if space is not an issue.

Examine insurance options: Review insurance options carefully. Your personal car insurance or credit card might already cover rental insurance, so you could opt out of the additional coverage offered by the rental company to save money on insurance costs.

Read the terms and conditions: Be aware of the terms and conditions associated with your rental in Fez to avoid hidden charges. Check the fuel policy, mileage limits, and return conditions.

Join loyalty programs: If you travel frequently, consider joining a loyalty program. Hertz members often receive perks such as discounted rates, free upgrades, and quicker checkouts.

Book your car rental in Fès with Hertz

  1. Convenient Locations: Hertz offer convenient car hire locations in Fes, making it easy to pick up and drop off car rentals during your trip. This accessibility helps reduce any additional travel costs and time. Besides, Hertz is present in 11 cities across Morocco, ensuring that wherever you travel within the country, a Hertz location is likely nearby.

  2. Competitive Pricing: Hertz offers competitive pricing structures, making it an affordable option for car rental. Regular promotions and discounts further enhance the value, providing cost-effective solutions for tourists and business travelers alike.

  3. Reliable Vehicles: Hertz maintains a fleet of reliable vehicles in Fes that are regularly serviced and updated. Renting from Hertz means you can expect a car in excellent condition, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience throughout your journey in Morocco.

Fes car hire insurance

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & Theft Protection Waiver

With Hertz, each car hire in the Moroccan Kingdom includes a compulsory Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection coverage as part of the insurance package. Should any mishaps transpire during your rental in Fes, the responsibility of the contract holder is capped at the deductible. This comprehensive approach sets us apart from other car rental services in Fes, which may not include these waivers as standard, potentially leading to extra fees.


The Deductible is the amount for which you're responsible in the event of an incident during the hire of a vehicle. This amount varies depending on the class of vehicle, starting from 14,000 MAD (approximately £1,200) for compact cars and going up to 36,000 MAD (around £3,000) for family or premium models. Considering even minor damage to a vehicle can incur significant repair costs, obtaining car insurance coverage is strongly advised to avoid extra cost during your trip.

To avoid excess charges in case of an accident with your rental car in Fez, Hertz Morocco offers Partial or Total Excess Waiver options.

Fes international airport (FEZ)

Fes-Saïss Airport (FEZ), situated approximately 15 kilometres south of Fes, acts as a key gateway for travellers to this historic region. Opened in 1978, the airport has progressively adapted to accommodate the growing number of tourists drawn to Fes's ancient Medina, famed for its traditional crafts and vibrant street life. The airport's ongoing development mirrors the city's blend of historic richness and modern accessibility, positioning it as a vital link between Fes and the international community. Conveniently located within the airport are car hire companies offering a wide range of rental vehicles to suit all types of travellers’ needs.

Transport options at Fes-Saïss Airport ensure convenient access to the city and surrounding areas:

  • Car Rental: Driving from the airport to Fes city centre usually takes around 20 minutes, subject to traffic conditions.

  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available and provide a quick, approximately 20-minute journey to downtown Fes.

  • Public Transport: Buses link the airport with key locations throughout the city, providing an economical yet less convenient travel option.

  • Shuttle Services: Several hotels in Fes offer shuttle services, facilitating easy and comfortable transfers directly from the airport to your accommodation.

Exploring Morocco: Fez with Family

Discover the Enchanting City of Fes, Morocco

Fes, the cultural and spiritual heart of Morocco, invites families and couples to explore its historic and vibrant atmosphere. This ancient city is a treasure trove of medieval architecture and bustling life, perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in a rich heritage.

Fes El Bali: Journey into History:

Embark on a historical journey in Fes El Bali, the ancient heart of the city and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Families and couples alike can explore the maze-like streets, discovering bustling souks and traditional crafts along Talaa Kebira, the main artery showcasing vibrant daily life and landmarks like the Bou Inania Madrasa.

Car hire fes

Cultural Highlights:

Visit the Dar Batha Museum, housed in a stunning former palace, to experience the beauty of Moroccan arts. Just a short walk away, the Jnan Sbil Gardens offer a serene retreat with lush greenery, perfect for a peaceful break from the city buzz.

Festivals and Music:

Don’t miss the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, an annual event that features international musicians and creates an enchanting atmosphere suitable for all ages.

car rental fes

Best Day Trips from Fes, Morocco by Road Trip

Volubilis: Ancient Roman Ruins (70 km | 1 hour)

Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is just an hour's drive from Fes and offers a fascinating glimpse into ancient Roman life in Morocco. This extensive archaeological site features well-preserved mosaics, towering columns, and the remnants of grand villas, illustrating the grandeur of the Roman Empire. The site's location amidst rolling hills and wildflowers adds a picturesque setting for history enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the ruins at their own pace or hire a guide to enhance their understanding of this historic gem.

Meknes: Imperial Beauty and Historical Depth (60 km | 1 hour)

Meknes, one of Morocco's four imperial cities, lies just an hour from Fes. Known for its impressive walls, monumental gates like Bab Mansour, and the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Meknes offers a quieter, yet equally enriching cultural experience compared to its more famous neighbour, Fes. The city's blend of Islamic and European art and architecture, alongside its vibrant souks and tranquil gardens, makes it a perfect day trip destination for those interested in the rich history of Morocco.

Ifrane: Morocco’s Little Switzerland (65 km | 1.5 hours)

Ifrane, affectionately known as 'Little Switzerland', surprises visitors with its Alpine-style architecture and lush greenery, a stark contrast to the typical Moroccan landscape. Located in the Middle Atlas Mountains, it's a cool retreat during the hot summer months. Families can enjoy walks around the town, visit the Al Akhawayn University, and see the famous Lion Stone. In winter, Ifrane becomes a snowy wonderland, offering activities like skiing and snowboarding at nearby Michlifen.

Cedar Forest: A Natural Escape (110 km | 2 hours)

Just two hours from Fes, the Cedar Forest near Azrou provides a natural sanctuary with its ancient cedar trees and abundant wildlife, including Barbary macaques. This area offers a refreshing escape from city life where visitors can enjoy picnics, hiking, and even horseback riding. The forest paths are well-marked, making it easy to explore the serene environment and breathe in the fresh, pine-scented air.

Chefchaouen: The Blue Pearl (200 km | 3.5 hours)

Chefchaouen is a photographer’s paradise with its striking blue-washed buildings set against the dramatic backdrop of the Rif Mountains. Although a longer drive from Fes, the journey is well worth it to explore the peaceful medina, shop for unique handicrafts, and enjoy local dishes at quaint cafes. The relaxed atmosphere of Chefchaouen is perfect for those looking to unwind and soak in the town’s artistic heritage and scenic beauty.

Sefrou: Cherry Festivals and Cultural Heritage (30 km | 45 minutes)

Sefrou, just a short drive from Fes, is often overlooked by tourists, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful day trip. Known for its annual Cherry Festival in June, the town offers a glimpse into small-town Moroccan life. Visitors can explore the medieval medina, see the waterfalls, and visit the caves of Bhalil. The cultural heritage and welcoming locals provide a warm and authentic Moroccan experience.

Car Hire locations in Morocco


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