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Car rental Kenitra railway / ONCF

Hertz car hire agency at Kenitra ONCF railway station

At the agency, our team will help you sign your rental agreement before accompanying you to your vehicle in the parking lot of Kenitra train station where our rental cars are parked for an inspection before getting the keys.

There is only one agency in Kenitra, but you are able to find other Hertz agencies in neighboring towns:

  • Rabat Car Rental

  • Casablanca Car Rental

Hertz car rental agency at Kenitra oncf train station


+212 8 02 00 77 78

Rental cars available at Kenitra train station

intermediate car hire morocco

minibus and large car hire in morocco
SUV 4WD car hire in morocco
Premium car rental in Morocco
Hybrid electric car rental in Morocco
Commercial car hire morocco

You will find in our Kenitra railway agency all categories of rental cars offered by Hertz Morocco. Our cars are brand new or very recent, and meticulously maintained to guarantee a maximum reliability while driving in the Moroccan roads.

  • Standard & compacts car rental : for couples or families with young children (Kia Picanto, Renault Clio, Peugeot 308, Citroën C3, etc.).

  • SUV & 4x4 car rental : for travelers who plan to go on a long trip (Citroën C4, Dacia Duster 4x2, Peugeot 3008, Kia Niro Hybride, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Prado, etc.)

  • Familial & minibus car rental : for large families and groups (Dacia Duster 4x2, Peugeot 3008, Kia Carens 6PAX, Kia Carnival BVA, Renault Trafic 9 seater, etc.)

  • Premium car rental : for optimal driving comfort in the city center and on the highway (Alpha Romeo sedan, Peugeot 508, etc.).

  • Hybrid car rental : for flexible and ecological driving in Kenitra (Kia Niro Hybride BVA, Kia K5 Hybride BVA, etc.).

  • Commercial van rental : to move bulky goods and objects (Citroën Berlingo 3m³, Peugeot Expert L1H1, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, etc.).

Which car to rent at Kenitra train station ?

To choose your rental car, you must think in advance about the usage of the vehicle. Where are you going to drive ? How many passengers will you have? How much time will you spend on the road ?

If you are planning to stay in the city center of Kenitra or in the surrounding areas, then renting a Renault Clio or a Kia Carens (if you are with a group) will be more than enough. If you have a long way to drive, then renting a Dacia Duster or a Peugeot 3008 in Kenitra is better option.

Top 10 - Most popular car rental Kenitra

Hertz SUV car rental at ONCF train station in Morocco
Hertz car rental at ONCF train station in Morocco
Hertz city car rental at ONCF train station in Morocco
Hertz premium car rental at ONCF train station in Morocco
Hertz SUV car rental at ONCF train station in Morocco
Hertz Škoda Superb car rental in Morocco
Hertz Fullsize car rental at ONCF train station in Morocco
Hertz Volkswagen Touareg AT car rent in Morocco

Peugeot 208 – Manual 5 Doors

Comfortable, economical and easy to drive, the Peugeot 208 is one of the most requested rental cars in Kenitra and throughout Morocco.

Dacia Duster 4X2

Robust, economical, and elevated, the Dacia Duster is the perfect companion for your trip around town or on the motorway and will get you where you want to go in the moroccan kingdom.

Citroën C Elysee

The Citroën C Elysee is the versatile and spacious vehicle that is perfect for families or groups staying in Kenitra. Fuel efficient, this vehicle will save you a lot of money during your trips.

Kia Picanto AT 5 Doors

Explore Kenitra and its surroundings freely with the Kia Picanto. Small and reliable, this car will allow you to sneak around the small streets of the medina and the city center.

Škoda Superb AT

Discover Kenitra aboard the Škoda Superb which seduces all its drivers. With its modern design and high-end comfort, this car will be the ideal choice for your business or personal trips.

Kia Seltos AT 

With its modern style and spacious cabin, the Kia Seltos offers impeccable driving comfort for all its passengers.

Renault Trafic 9 Pax

The 9 seater Renault Trafic is an excellent choice for groups traveling to Kenitra or in Morocco. This spacious vehicle has 9 comfortable seats, a powerful engine and a smooth transmission, and can carry everyone's luggage.

Kia K5 AT Hybrid

Opt for an eco-friendly car rental in Kenitra with the Kia K5 hybrid, for a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly journey.

Kia Sorento AT AWD 4x4 7 Pax

Drive safely and comfortably in Kenitra with the Kia Sorento BVA AWD 4x4 7 seater. Take advantage of the power of this all-terrain vehicle to explore the surrounding areas of Kenitra and discover adjacent large towns.

Volkswagen Touareg

With its modern design and latest generation options, the Volkswagen Touareg offers an unparalleled driving experience to all its drivers and passengers traveling in Morocco.

Insurance for a rental car in Kenitra

Collision and theft protection

With Hertz Morocco, all of our rental cars in Kenitra are rented with collision damage waiver and theft insurance. In case of any damage during your rental period in Morocco (scratches, glass breakage, flat tire, robbery, etc.), the rental contract holder is responsible for the damage up to the amount of the insurance excess.

Rental car excess

The amount of the excess depends on the category of the vehicle rented in Kenitra. Deductibles vary from 14,000 MAD (approximately 1,400$) to 36,000 MAD (approximately 3,600$) depending on the category rented.
To remove or limit your financial liability in the event of an accident with your rental car in Kenitra, you have the possibility to subscribe to our Partial or Full Franchise Redemption when booking online or picking up the vehicle from our rental agency.

Car rental price in Kenitra

Car categories

High season

Low season

Standard & compacts

25 $ - 55 $ / day

15 $ - 25 $ / day

SUV & 4x4

45 $ - 95 $ / day

20 $ - 35 $ / day

Familial & minibus

43 $ - 87 $ / day

23 $ - 36 $ / day


74 $ - 145 $ / day

44 $ - 68 $ / day


75 $ - 150 $ / day

45 $ - 70 $ / day

Commercial vans

45 $ - 60 $ / day

35 $ - 45 $ / day

Above in an idea of the average car rental prices in Kenitra over the past few years.

In Kenitra and Morocco, car rental prices vary according to :

  • The season

  • The booking period

  • The car category

  • The remaining availabilities in Kenitra

  • etc.

This variation is the same for all the other cities in Morocco: Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier, Rabat, Ouarzazate, Oujda, etc.

How much will it cost to rent a car in Kenitra for a week ?

Depending on the period of the year and the booking time, renting a car in the train station of Kenitra for a week costs on average between 92$ and 481$ for a city car, and between 143$ and 798$ for a familial car.

How much will it cost to rent a car in Kenitra for two week ?

Renting a vehicle at Kenitra station for 2 weeks costs between 178$ and 689$ on average for a city car, and between 241$ and 1133$ for a familial category.

How much will it cost to rent a car in Kenitra for a month ?

Renting a car in Kenitra for a month costs between 419$ and 1409$ for a city car, and between 559$ and 2345$ for a station wagon.

What are the cheapest rental cars in Kenitra ?

  • The cheapest city car rental in Kenitra is the Kia Picanto or the Peugeot 308.

  • The cheapest rental SUV in Kenitra is the Dacia Duster.

  • The Kia Carens is generally the cheapest familial car.

  • Finally, the Peugeot 508 GT Line is the cheapest premium rental car.

Cheap car rental Kenitra

To find a cheap rental car in Kenitra, you need to:

Pick up your rental car at Kenitra train station

Kenitra station is one of the largest transit points in the city. There you will have the largest choice of rental vehicles and the best rental offers.

Book in advance

The earlier you book your rental car in Kenitra, the more you will benefit from a wide choice of vehicles with attractive offers.

Book directly without intermediaries

By booking directly with the rental company where the pick-up of the vehicle will take place, you are assured that all options and insurance are included in the price indicated and that there will be no hidden costs when you will arrive at the agency.

3 Reasons to pick up your rental car from our agency at Kenitra station

Kenitra train station is located in the city center

First, you should know that Kenitra station receives trains from all over the Kingdom of Morocco: Rabat, Casablanca, Fes, Meknes, Tangier, etc. Which makes it quite an important transit point.Additionally, Kenitra station is located in the heart of the city making it very easy to reach by car or public transport. Thanks to its strategic location, you will be close to everything and far from nothing, and you can go everywhere in Kenitra very quickly with your rental car.

Fast pick up in Kenitra train station

Pick up your rental car at Kenitra train station as soon as you arrive. Our agency is located in the car park of the train station, in a few minutes after your arrival in Kenitra you will be at the counter with our agents to sign the rental contract and take the keys of your rental vehicle.

Kenitra station, the perfect place to return your vehicle before taking your train

If you have a train to catch in the direction of Rabat, Fez, Casablanca, or Tangier, then Kenitra station is the most convenient place to return your rental car at the end of your stay. Drop off your vehicle in car park of the train station agency, then board your train !

FAQ - Car Rental Kenitra Station

To rent a car in Kenitra, you must present the following documents at the agency :

  • Driving license for each driver

  • Passport or identity card

  • Credit card in the name of the main driver

Only original documents are accepted.

The deposit for car rentals in Kenitra varies according to the category of vehicle you have rented for your vacation.

  • Town cars : from 14,000 dh (approx. €1,400)

  • SUV and 4x4 cars : from 20,000 dh (approx. €2,000)

  • Premium and Sedan cars : from 34,000 dh (approx. €3,400)

  • Hybrid cars : from 21,600 dh (approx. 2,160€)

  • Family and Minibus cars : from 20,000 dh (approx. €2,000)

The deposit amount is blocked on the contract holder's credit card for the duration of the vehicle rental in Morocco, but is not debited. Once the vehicle has been returned to the rental agency in Kenitra at the end of the rental period, the deposit is automatically released.

To pay the deposit, the credit card used must automatically be in the name of the rental contract holder.

If the request to modify your car rental in Kenitra is sent at least 48 hours before picking up the vehicle at the agency, the modification fee amounts to 100 MAD/incl. tax (approximately €10).

If the request is sent less than 48 hours before pick-up, the fee amounts to 150 MAD/incl. tax (approximately €15).

For more information, please consult our general rental conditions or contact us.

If your cancellation request is sent at least 48 hours before the start date of your car rental in Kenitra, a handling fee of 240 MAD/TTC (approx. €25) will be applied and the refund will be made to the credit card used for payment.

If your cancellation request is received less than 48 hours before vehicle pick-up, no refund will be due. In addition, no refund will be due for any cancellation request made after the vehicle pick-up time at the rental agency in Kenitra.

Cancellation conditions are the same in all our car rental agencies in Morocco.

For a Kenitra car rental, each driver must be at least 21 years old and have 1 year of driving license experience.

For certain categories of rental cars (SUV, Family, etc.), the minimum age is 23 years and 2 years of driving license seniority.

With Hertz Maroc, for an ever more tailor-made service, you have the choice between renting a car in Kenitra with unlimited mileage, or with mileage limited to 100km/day.

This option will be offered to you when reserving the vehicle on our website or in Kenitra at an agency.

At Hertz Morocco, you can pay for your car rental in Kenitra with the following payment methods :

  • Credit card

  • Bank transfer

For payment of the rental vehicle deposit in Kenitra, only credit cards are accepted.

Yes, you can drive in Morocco with a driving license issued by a European or other country.

Driving in Kenitra is a bit confusing. There are lots of pedestrians and sometimes even animals wandering on the road outside the city center, so be careful when driving. It's worth noting that Morocco's highway code is very lax, and Kenitra is no exception. This can be confusing for foreigners at first, but you get used to it. Remember to always exercise caution when driving in Morocco, and expect the unexpected!

In the city center, around Kenitra station, and in urban areas, the maximum speed is 40 km/h to 60 km/h.

On national roads the maximum speed is 80km/h and 100km/h, and on motorways the limit is 100km/h to 120km/h.

In the city center of Kenitra, the roads are properly maintained, but this is not always the case on the outskirts of the city.

Photo kénitra

Discover Kenitra

Kenitra is a city located in the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region of Morocco on the Atlantic coast and is known for its beautiful beaches and delicious seafood, not far from Rabat, the Capital of Morocco. Visitors can explore the city's many souks (markets), swim in the Mediterranean Sea or visit historic sites such as Kasbah Mehdia. With its beautiful architecture, delicious food and friendly locals, it's the ideal place to explore Morocco off the beaten track thanks to its proximity to Rabat and Casablanca. Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an adventurous trip, Kenitra has something for everyone.

Kenitra train station

Kenitra Station is a railway station in downtown Kenitra, not far from Rabat. The station is an important transport hub for the city, and is served by both the national rail network and local buses. The station has a variety of facilities, including a waiting room, ticket office and restaurant. There is also ample parking for passengers arriving by car.

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