Discovering the beauty of ouarzazate

Ouarzazate, the door of the desert, a city built by France in 1928 as a military base the special thing about this city is the fact that it hosted numerous famous Hollywood movies to the point that it ...

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A memorable journey to rabat

Rabat, the politique and administrative capital of Morocco. It benefits of a pleasant climate all year round, ranging from 6 Celsius degrees to 30 Celsius degrees, a strategic location on the Atlantic ...

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Witnessing the charm of agadir

Agadir, the Moroccan capital of the south. Unlike the majority of the cities in Morocco this one is relatively modern. In fact, Agadir was reworked after being hit by an earthquake that demolished ...

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Road-trip to fes, the moroccan artwork

Fes, an imperial city known for being the cultural capital of Morocco. Due to its middle-age style and deep history the city was listed as a UNESCO World Patrimony Site since 1980. For tourists, this ...

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With hertz morocco, have a unique experience in marrakech !

« A great wealth of architectural heritage and an outstanding tourist destination, Marrakech remains a place to visit that will captivate you with its charm. Hertz Morocco, the leading ...

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Othello's gardens – hertz morocco

Essaouira is a city full of life, where several cultural events take place. But the city is also one of the most charming in Morocco and it has several places where it is simply nice to take a walk. ...

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Road trip from marrakesh to rabat

If you are planning a trip to Marrakesh, then you might be listing the things you would like to see during your stay. In Marrakesh, sites to be visited and the activities to be done are not lacking. ...

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Discover the region of oujda – hertz morocco

If you really want to take advantage of your stay in Morocco, you should consider renting a car. And it is even more true if you go to Oujda and wish to take advantage of the region. Discover the surroundings ...

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The blue spring of meski 

To fully discover Morocco, it is necessary to rent a car and to go on an adventure. If you happen to be in Fez, we recommend you to leave southward and to stop by the blue source of Meski. Learn more ...

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Dakhla city

Located on the Rio de Oro peninsula, at the far south of Morocco, Dakhla is a really charming city. Rent a car and discover this Western Sahara city. On the narrow Rio de Oro peninsula, ...

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Road trip to agadir, legzira and tan-tan

If you want to enjoy beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes, we have an idea for an amazing road trip. From Agadir to Tan-Tan via Legzira. For this tremendous trip, rent a comfortable car. ...

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Meknes city

In Northern Morocco, West of Fes, is located the beautiful city of Meknes, one of the most ancient cities in Morocco. Rent a car and discover this historic, Middle Ages city. Less touristic ...

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Road trip to rabat, bouznika and casablanca

To fully discover Morocco, your best option is obviously a road trip. If you enjoy big culture-filled cities as much as beautiful beaches, a trip between Rabat, Bouznika and Casablanca ...

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Road trip to oujda, saïdia and nador

What about a road trip in Morocco? There is nothing better to do than hitting the road to discover such a diverse and wonderful country. We suggest to start by the beautiful city of Oujda, then a ...

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Bab lakhmis: a historic gate in meknes

Meknes is a historic town of Northern Morocco, not far from Fez. It boasts numerous historic monuments, among which is the Bab Lakhmis gate built in the 17th century and part of UNESCO's World ...

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Hri souani: an ancient royal granary in meknes

In Meknes, you will find many monuments that witness its rich and eventful past. Among them is Hri Souani Royal granary from the  17th century. Rent a car and discover the Northern region of ...

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Sidi bouzid beach: a wonderful beach close to el jadida's center

In Western Morocco stands a beautiful white sand beach: Sidi Bouzid beach. Located in El Jadida, this seaside resort is considered as  one of Morocco's most gorgeous. Rent a car and ride ...

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Safi: the city of potters and much more

Safi: the city of potters and much more  Located in Marrakech-Safi's Western Moroccan region, Safi will easily seduce culture-lovers with its rich folklore, craftsmanship an  history. ...

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The ourika valley

Just a few minutes drive south of Marrakech, lies the Ourika Valley. Rent a car and go discover the beautiful landscapes, villages and waterfalls this region has to offer. Marrakech is ...

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The ammeln valley

South of Agadir, the Ammeln valley offers breathtaking landscapes. Take advantage of Hertz Morocco car rental to go admire them. Not far from Agadir, in the vicinity of Tafraoute, the ...

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The cliffs from tan-tan to tarfaya

Between Agadir and the south of the kingdom, a road offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Morocco : the Tan-Tan cliffs. Consider renting a car at Hertz Morocco and go admire that amazing ...

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The oued ziz

It is in the eastern part of the High-Atlas that runs the oued Ziz. Carving its bed in the mountain rocks for about 280km, the oued Ziz flows through magnificent landscapes. This river passes through ...

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Toubkal national park

Located 70km south of Marrakech, the Toubkal range (peaking at 4167 meters) is the highest part of the High-Atlas. It is around this impressive mountain range that was created the Toubkal National ...

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The city of tan-tan

Located in the south of Morocco, Tan-Tan is a city of rough landscapes and vivid culture. The Tan-Tan moussem is one of the most important moussems of the kingdom. Rent a car and stop by Tan-Tan ...

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Located on the mediterranean coast of Morocco, Martil is a small town whose activity is focused on tourism. Rent a car and discover this seaside resort only a few kilometers from Tanger. ...

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If you want to discover the authentic Morocco and especially the Mediterranean coast, go through the village of Tibouda. Rent a car and discover this small town in the heart of Cape Three Forks. ...

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El jebha

North of Morocco, between Tanger and Nador, lies the village of El Jebha. Rent a car and discover this small town known for its tranquility and its beautiful beaches. On the Mediterranean ...

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The beach of bouznika

During your stay in Morocco, if you look for a beach with a perfect beauty, stop by the town of Bouznika. Its beach will fulfill you. Rent a car and discover this place, pearl of Morocco. ...

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The port of essaouira

West of Morocco, on the Atlantic coast is the pretty town of Essaouira, known (among other things) for its fishing port. Rent a car and discover it for yourself. Bordered by the Mediterranean ...

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Cheap car rental in morocco with hertz morocco

When traveling in Morocco, it is essential to have transportation. Unreliable, public transport are not really recommended and almost everything is accessible by car. To fully enjoy your stay in ...

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Ras el ma

Twelve kilometers from the Algerian border, hidden by the mountains, Ras El Ma’s beaches satisfy the fans of scuba diving and tourists looking for exceptional panoramas. Rent a car and discover ...

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Moulay bousselham beaches

On Morocco’s Atlantic coast, between Rabat and Tangier, is the seaside resort of Moulay Bousselham. Rent a car and go to the beaches of this "Moroccan Hawaii". In Moulay ...

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Cape three forks

Located on the northeast coast of Morocco, on Melilla-Nador road, the Cape Three Forks is a headland near the Algerian border and the Spanish city of Melilla. Rent a car and discover this beautiful ...

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Mohammed vi avenue: the modern heart of marrakech

Formerly named Avenue of France, the Mohammed VI Avenue (from the Gueliz district) is the most modern and trendiest main road of Marrakech.     If the Medina is the ...

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The el mansour eddahbi dam : an impressive construction on draa, near ouarzazate

Rich in culture and in history, Morocco is also one of the most modern countries of Africa. The kingdom is developping economically and even stands out as a reference regarding hydraulics. The incredible ...

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The café hafa of tangier: where time stopped

With its almost 100 years of existence, the Café Hafa is one of the most famous places in Tangier. Known all over the world, this café offers a wonderful view of the ocean while staying ...

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The "vallée des oiseaux" : agadir haven of peace

The "Vallée des Oiseaux" At the heart of Agadir, on the bed of a former wadi, is the most exotic and the most restful place of the city : the "Vallée des Oiseaux". ...

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The caves of hercules: a mystery nearby tangier

The Caves of Hercules: A mystery nearby Tangier   Situated at 14 km West from Tangier, the Caves of Hercules are stunning by their beauty but are above all full of mysteries.  ...

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The royal golf of dar es salam: a wonderful course in rabat

Located in the South of Rabat, The Golf of Dar Es Salam is not only one of the most beautiful golf in Africa but also in the world. Come and discover this beautiful and peaceful place dedicated to sports ...

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