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Car rental Marrakech railway ONCF

Hertz car hire agency at Marrakech ONCF railway station

The agency is located at the corner of Boulevard Mohamed VI and Avenue Hassan II, a few meters from the entrance to the ONCF station in Marrakech. Once the rental agreement is signed, an agent will accompany you to your vehicle for a quick check-up. After that, our agent will give you the keys of the vehicle and your adventure in Marrakech will begin !

Hertz car rental agency at the oncf Marrakech train station


+212 8 02 00 77 78

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Car hire types at Marrakech ONCF railway station

minibus and large car hire in morocco

intermediate car hire morocco
SUV 4WD car hire in morocco
Premium car rental in Morocco
Hybrid electric car rental in Morocco
Commercial car hire morocco

Cheap car hire Marrakech railway station

When to hire a car at Marrakech Railway Station ONCF

The best moment to secure a good deal for hiring a car at Marrakech Railway Station or to hire a car in Morocco is to book in advance, ideally a few weeks before your trip. Avoiding peak tourist seasons, such as summer months and end-of-year holidays, can also lead to more competitive rates.

How much does a Mini & Economy car hire at Marrakech Railway Station cost?

Renting a Mini & Economy car at Marrakech Railway Station typically costs about £46 per day, with prices varying based on the model and length of the rental period.

How much does an intermediate car hire at Marrakech Railway Station cost?

Renting an intermediate car at Marrakech Railway Station is usually priced at around £52 per day.

How much does a large car hire at Marrakech Railway Station cost?

The cost of hiring a large car at Marrakech Railway Station is typically around £56 per day, depending on model and availability.

How much does a SUV & 4WD car hire at Marrakech Railway Station cost?

SUV & 4WD car rentals at Marrakech Railway Station generally start from £60 per day, with the final price influenced by vehicle category and rental duration.

How much does a Hybrid & Electric car hire at Marrakech Railway Station cost?

Hybrid & Electric vehicle rentals at Marrakech Railway Station have an average daily rate of £67.

How much does a premium car hire at Marrakech Railway Station cost?

For premium car rentals at Marrakech Railway Station, the average cost is approximately £106 per day. This rate varies based on the vehicle's model and availability.

Top 10 most popular car hires at Marrakech airport

Hertz Kia picanto car rental in Morocco

Looking for a car rental that's practical and easy to drive ? The Kia Picanto is definitely the right model for you. Economic to hire, it can be used to take you on your journeys and discover all the treasures of the Kingdom. You will definitely enjoy driving it.

OPEL Corsa
Hertz Dacia Duster car rental in Morocco
Peugeot 308 compact rental
Hertz HONDA Civic Hybrid AT car rent in Morocco
Hertz KIA Sportage car rental in Morocco
Hertz Kia Niro AT Hybrid car rent in Morocco
Hertz Kia Sorento premium car rental in Morocco

FAQ - Marrakech railway station car hire

In Marrakech, the Mini & Economy categories, featuring models such as the Kia Picanto or Citroën C3, are the preferred choices for their affordability and suitability for navigating the red city's lively streets and parking spaces.

In the last 72 hours, Hertz has offered the most competitive rates at Marrakech ONCF Railway Station.

At Marrakech railway station, you can find a wide range of car hire companies including United Rent a Car, AbbyCar, Budget, Sixt, Ecovia, Autovia, Right Cars, Surprice, and Green Motion, among others.

Renters at Marrakech railway station car rental agencies must present a valid Passport or National ID Card, a Driving Licence for the main and any additional drivers, and a Credit Card in the main driver's name to cover the security deposit.

What is the minimum age required to hire a car in Marrakech?

The minimum age for hiring a car at Marrakech railway station is 21 years, with the requirement that the driver has held their driving licence for at least one year. Certain premium vehicles may require the driver to be at least 23 years old, with a minimum of two years' driving experience.

Should I purchase a supplementary insurance for my car hire at Marrakech railway station ?

A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection Waiver insurance are mandatorily included with your car hire in Morocco. Additional coverage for a car hire at Marrakech train station is not compulsory but strongly advised to waive deductible in case of accident or damages to the rental vehicle.

3 Reasons for hiring a car at Marrakech Railway Station ONCF

When renting a car in Marrakech, particularly for business travellers, picking up a vehicle directly from Marrakech Railway Station offers distinct advantages that can greatly enhance the efficiency and convenience of a business trip. Here are three reasons why this option stands out:

Seamless Integration with Travel Itineraries: 

For business travellers, time is often of the essence. Picking up a rental car at Marrakech Railway Station allows for a seamless transition from train to car, minimising any delays in their tight schedules. This integration ensures that upon arrival by train, one can immediately proceed to their rental car without the need for additional transfers or waiting times. This direct transition is not only efficient but also reduces the potential stress of navigating through unfamiliar public transport systems or negotiating with taxi services, allowing travelers to focus on the purpose of their visit.

Strategic Location for Business Engagements: 

Marrakech Railway Station is centrally located, making it an ideal pickup point for those in the need of a rental vehicle in Marrakech with meetings or engagements throughout the city or in nearby areas. The central location provides quick access to major roads, business districts, hotels, and conference centres. This means business travellers can easily drive to their initial meetings or accommodations straight from the station, ensuring punctuality and reducing the risk of getting lost in a new city. Furthermore, for engagements outside Marrakech, starting from the railway station offers an efficient route out of the city, avoiding the dense traffic often found in city centres.

Flexibility and Time Management: 

Renting a vehicle from Marrakech Railway Station offers great flexibility, making it an ideal choice for tourists looking to explore the red city at their own pace. With a rental car available at Marrakech train station from the moment of arrival, travellers have the freedom to adjust their plans on the fly, visit multiple attractions in a single day, or spontaneously decide to extend their journey to discover more of what the pearly of the south has to offer. Moreover, the convenience of being able to return the car to the railway station before departure simplifies travel logistics, ensuring a hassle-free end to your journey.

Marrakech railway station ONCF

Marrakech Railway Station Car Hire

Marrakech Train Station, operated by the Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF), stands as a modern gateway to the ancient city of Marrakech, one of Morocco's most vibrant and culturally rich destinations. Located in the heart of the city, Marrakech Train Station serves as a crucial node in Morocco's railway network, connecting Marrakech to major cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, and Fez. 

The station meets the needs of all travelers, offering a range of facilities including ticket offices, information desks, waiting areas, and retail outlets, as well as a few cafés and restaurants. 

ONCF has invested significantly in modernizing its rail services, and Marrakech Train Station is no exception. The station is part of a wider effort to enhance Morocco's railway infrastructure, improving connectivity and reducing travel times between cities. High-speed train services, such as the Al Boraq, connect Marrakech with Casablanca in just under 3 hours, showcasing the commitment to efficient and comfortable travel.

Marrakech railway station ‘s convenient location makes it an ideal starting point for exploring Marrakech's famous souks, historic palaces, and lush gardens.

Car hire locations in Morocco







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