Horses and fantasia in morocco

Morocco is a country offering a wealth of culture and tradition, among which fantasia, an equestrian sport inspired by hunting and war, often practiced in local festivals. Rent a car to discover ...

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Gestures of affection and respect in morocco

Habits and customs vary from one country to another and in Morocco, a country with a rich culture, there are a lot. Discover some of Morocco's traditions and notably, gestures of affection. To ...

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Morocco and idrisids dynasty

The Idrisids dynasty reigned over a good part of Morocco for over a century, from 789 to 974. The name comes from the founder Idris I,  an Arab who ran from the persecution of Abbasids to conquer ...

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Morocco and the berber revolt

The history of Morocco is complex and full of surprises and events. In the 8th century, between the end of Damascus' Ummayad  caliphate and Idrisids dynasty was a turbulent period: the ...

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Morocco and the reign of the umayyads

After the conquest of Morocco by the Arabs in the 7th century, the country became a territory of the great Umayyad dynasty from the  8th century on (661-750), then, in the 10th century, it ...

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The ahwach dance

Morocco counts over 12 milion Berbers. The Berber culture therefore runs deep in Moroccan culture and heritage. Take for instance the Ahwach, a Berber traditional group dance. Rent a car to go discover ...

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Morocco at the time of the muslim conquests

After learning the history of prehistoric Morocco and Morocco in Antiquity, discover the history of the country at the time of the Muslim Conquests. Consider renting a car to better admire this rich ...

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Morocco in ancient times

On what is now the coast of Morocco, the Phoenicians were the first to set up trading posts before an almost constant mix of cultures in ancient times. Discover major events of ancient Morocco and ...

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Morocco during prehistory

Morocco is a country rich in prehistoric archaeological sites. Rent a car and discover these sites, caves, ruins, rock paintings and engravings. Since prehistoric times, the land that ...

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The hammam

The origin of the Hammam goes back to the Greco-Roman period when the Roman Empire extended to the Orient. Nowadays, the hammam is still one of the moroccan traditions. Discover these baths, a huge ...

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The henna night

In Morocco, the henna night – which takes place the week before the wedding night - marks the woman’s transition from fiancé to wife. Discover this ancient tradition of the Arab ...

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