Bab boujloud door – hertz morocco

In Fez, one of the most important things to see is undoubtedly the main door of the medina. Named Bab Boujloud, this one is known for its beauty. Consider renting a car to go there safely. Made ...

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The walls of taroudant

Morocco has a rich history and this can be seen in the architecture of its cities. The Walls of Taroudant are a good example. Rent a car and discover this Kasbah nicknamed the “Little Marrakech”. ...

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The portuguese cistern of el jadida

South of Casablanca, in the city of El Jadida, is one of the most beautiful historical and mysterious places of Morocco. It is a former Portuguese cistern, now open to visitors. Consider renting ...

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The yagour plateau

Visible in good weather from Marrakesh, Yagour plateau is a vast high plateau of the High Atlas. With stunning views, the plateau has the largest number of engravings in the High Atlas. Rent a car ...

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Ksar ouled driss

Small village before the Sahara, Ksar Ouled Driss is located 260 kilometers south-east of Ouarzazate. Rent a car and discover this oasis of another age. Located in the Souss-Massa-Draa ...

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The taourirt kasbah

Located at just 1 km from Ouarzazate, you will find a very old construction, wonderful and surprising at the same time. It is the Taourirt Kasbah, often compared to a gigantic sand castle. ...

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The kasbah of agadir

From the oldest district of Agadir, there is no more than a fortress in ruin. But what a fortress ! The Kasbah – also named Agadir Oufella - is a majestic spot with a fascinating history. ...

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The andalusian mosque : the jewel of fes

If you go in to the city of Fes, you cannot miss the Andalusian Mosque. For over 11 centuries, this religious building is the old architectural jewel of the city.     ...

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The dar sebti house : the little palace of party at oujda

Little known by the tourists, the Dar Sebti house is nevertheless a major place of Oujda. This magnificent building is a mini palace, dedicated to the Arab-Andalusian music and to the party.   ...

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The marinid necropolis at chellah : the mysterious and romantic site of rabat

Inscribed since 2012 on UNESCO world heritage list, the marinid necropolis at Chellah is an historic site of Rabat. But it is also a mysterious and romantic place.      ...

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The madrassah attarine : the most beautiful madrassah of fes

Following the example of the Andalusian Mosque , the Madrassah Attarine is an architectural jewel of Fes. Focus on this magnificent sacred place.     Built between ...

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The mosque hassan ii : the gigantic religious building of casablanca

Casablanca counts among its monuments the second highest religious building of the world: the mosque Hassan II. If you go into the city, you cannot miss this impressive building.   ...

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The great mosque al jamaa al kabir of oujda

The Al Jamaa Al Kabir mosque, also called “The Great Mosque”, is one of the most beautiful and ancient buildings of the city of Oujda. Let’s focus on this wonderful religious building. ...

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The saadian tombs

Nearby the Kasbah, in the city of Marrakech, you can find one of the few relics from the Saadi dynasty realm. Historical attraction and genuine piece of art, the Saadian Tombs are a must see of this ...

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The zaouia moulay idriss in fes

In Fes, nearby the Nejjarine Square, is the Zaouia Moulay Idriss. In this very old mausoleum rests the man considered as the founding father of the city: Moulay Idriss II (793 – 828). ...

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