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Discover the car rental packages for professionals and companies available at Hertz Business Solutions!

Short term formulas

For your travel needs, professional missions, moving, deliveries or collections, Hertz Business Solutions has the solution for you.

A short term rental formula of less than 29 days with a quotation adapted to your needs and which will remain fixed over the year with flexible payment conditions.

You have the possibility of recovering your vehicle from one of our 25 Hertz Agencies in Morocco and this, 2 hours after your reservation.

FexiRent Formula

Designed for one-off missions with no time commitment. Hertz Business Solutions reinvents the no-commitment formula with guaranteed budget control.

FlexiRent offers you a monthly rental on a wide range of cars for a single, attractive daily rental fee, regardless of how long you own the vehicle.

The FlexiRent offer is available in all our 25 agencies for a reservation up to 2 hours before the delivery of the vehicle with the possibility of making a free one-way trip to the entire Hertz network in Morocco.

BusinessRent formula

Hertz Business Solutions rewards all organizations that are able to measure their minimum commitment requirements. BusinessRent is a no-surprise solution that incorporates all the benefits of leasing with a 3 to 24 month commitment.

We put at your disposal the entire existing Hertz fleet, offering you the possibility to change car models regularly for the same rent. Hertz Business Solutions accompanies your mobility everywhere in Morocco and delivers you wherever you are.

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