Morocco during Prehistory

Morocco is a country rich in prehistoric archaeological sites. Rent a car and discover these sites, caves, ruins, rock paintings and engravings.


A moroccan archaeological site


Since prehistoric times, the land that is now Morocco was inhabited by Berber people – a settlement made easier by the favorable climate. Thanks to scientific and archaeological researches, it has been established that the first human activities in the area date back at least 700,000 years. Bones, tools, vases and jewelry dating back to prehistoric times have been found in Morocco.

In fact, Morocco has numerous prehistoric archaeological sites. In Thomas quarry, 8km southwest of Casablanca, a mandible of Homo-Erectus was found. At the Sidi Abderrahmane quarry, excavations led to the discovery of stone tools and a diverse fauna fossil. Jbel Irhoud, between Safi and Marrakech, is the site where two skulls of hominids were taken out of the ground. 30km South of Rabat, is the site of Rouazi Skhirat: a necropolis from Neolithic (circa 3,800 BC.), where many ceramic vases, cups, ivory bracelets as well as human remains were found.

And the list goes on. The caves of Kaf That El Ghar, Taforalt, and Dar Soltane, but also the rock paintings of Atlas, the pre-Saharan and the Saharan regions make Morocco a major area of Prehistory.

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Practical informations

Almost all of the archaeological sites of Morocco are easily accessible by car. The megalithic monument of M'Zora, for example, is only 1h drive from Tangier.