Morocco at the time of the Muslim Conquests

After learning the history of prehistoric Morocco and Morocco in Antiquity, discover the history of the country at the time of the Muslim Conquests. Consider renting a car to better admire this rich and beautiful land.


Morocco during the Muslim Conquests


Setting off from Egypt, the Arabs launched a first and unsuccessful conquest in 647 before finally settling in Ceuta (on the northern coast of modern Morocco). It is from Ceuta that Oqba Ibn Nafi Al Fihri - the leader of the conquest - planned and started the second phase of this raid.

With the help of some converted tribes and his army, he advanced laboriously to the West where he aimed to take Tanger. But his reputation preceded him : the humiliation he inflicted on the Berber chiefs he came across gave rise to a growing and strong resistance of the local populations. Eventually, Oqba Ibn Nafi Al Fihri was assassinated by a Byzantine-Berber coalition. This Berber resistance was led by a woman, Dihya, who was also assassinated in 701.

This marked the beginning of the second and last phase of conquest of the rebellious territories. This phase officially ended in 711 when the Dynasty Umayyad Caliphate placed its governors throughout the whole region.

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Practical information

Morocco has been deeply marked by the Muslim Conquests. The history and culture of the country are so rich that it would be a pity not to embrace it while traveling along the Mediterranean coast. Consider renting a car to have a more pleasant time and go at your own pace.