Morocco and the reign of the Umayyads

After the conquest of Morocco by the Arabs in the 7th century, the country became a territory of the great Umayyad dynasty from the 8th century on (661-750), then, in the 10th century, it became a place of covetousness by the Umayyads of Al-Andalus and the Fatimids. Rent a car to discover this country of rich historic heritage.
In 711, Umayyad's dynasty Governors took control of current Morocco and a big part of Northern Africa. These territories belonged to the caliphate until its decline in 750 but the influence of this empire will leave a deep mark in Moroccan history. However, it is another Umayyad dynasty that will mark Moroccan history: Umayyads of Al-Andalus. Indeed, two centuries after the Damascus Umayyad Caliphate, Morocco was the target of many covetousness: the Zenet tribes, the Idrisids, but mostly Umayyads of Al-Andalus and Fatimids of Ifriqiya who will take the cities in turns and defeat their opponents in an unremitting power struggle.
The 10th century becomes a scene of turnarounds and assumption of territories, notably between Cordoban Umayyads – also called Umayyads of Al-Andalous, and the Fatimids. These two caliphates are the main forces that shook Morocco's medieval history. The history of Morocco during the Umayyads and Fatimids era is as turbulent as it is fascinating. The best way to discover and live a country's history is, of course, to travel there. So rent a car to discover Morocco's fascinating history by driving along its roads.
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Practical information
Morocco has a fascinating history and the reign of the Umayyads is undoubtedly among the most influent eras of the Kingdom. To
discover this beautiful country and its incredible culture, think about renting a car and driving along its roads.
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