Morocco and the Berber Revolt

The history of Morocco is complex and full of surprises and events. In the 8th century, between the end of Damascus' Ummayad caliphate and Idrisids dynasty was a turbulent period: the Berber Revolt. To discover this Kingdom's thrilling history, rent a car and look for Moroccan historic sites.
From the beginning of the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb, the Berbers could hardly bear the Arab domination. Indeed, the Berber society was based on a communitarian structure granting a lot of importance to equality. They quickly revolted against the Arabs. The crisis began when Maysara, the Berber chief sent a delegation to Damascus to talk to Caliph Hisham, about the Berber problem and asked him to take the necessary measures for the well-being of his people. Unfortunately, his complaints were ignored by the Caliph which started an insurrection in Tangiers where Maysara proclaimed himself caliph, and then took control of Sous. Maysara, who became a real tyrant, was killed by his own people and replaced by Khalid ibn Hamid al-Zanati who vanquished the Arab troops.
After his armies defeat, Caliph Hisham sent his troops to Syria where they were beaten by the Berber armies, again. Finally, in 742, the EgyptianGovernor intervened and stopped the Kharijite armies, Berber allies. The fall of the Ummayad Caliph of Syria in 750 drove to the division of the Maghreb in several states.
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Practical information
The Berber Revolt is an important part of Moroccan's history, more precisely of the city of Tangiers where Maysara proclaimed himself caliph. To learn more about the history of this beautiful country and visit its cities, beaches, mountains and desert, think about renting a car.
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