Morocco and Idrisids dynasty

The Idrisids dynasty reigned over a good part of Morocco for over a century, from 789 to 974. The name comes from the founder Idris I, an Arab who ran from the persecution of Abbasids to conquer Maghreb and a big part of today's Northern Morocco. Explore Morocco and rent a car to go to the North of the Kingdom and discover its numerous historic sites.
Idris I, founder of the Idrisid dynasty is mostly known for founding the town of Fez in the North of Morocco. Idris I was friends with the Berbers and enemy with the Abbasids. They assassinated him in 791 but his line did not end with him. Indeed, his son Idriss II continued his work and finished the foundation of Fez, divided into two cores on opposite sides of the Fez river. It will only be unified three centuries later by the Almoravids.
The urban development went along with the success of the Idrisids dynasty. The Idrisids built new cities that still exist today, with many emblematic monuments such as Al Quaraouiyine in Fez.
The Idrisids lost their drift after the death of Idriss II. Territories were divided between his sons which weakened their power. Finally, in 974, theUmmayad and Cordoban armies drew the dynasty to a close with a fatal blow by vanquishing Al-Hasan ibn Guennoun, the last Idrisid.
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Practical information
The Idrisids dynasty left its mark on Moroccan history. They were notably at the root of some of the Kingdom's greatest cities, such as Fez.
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