The henna night

In Morocco, the henna night – which takes place the week before the wedding night - marks the woman’s transition from fiancé to wife. Discover this ancient tradition of the Arab world.


Henna tattoo


The henna night (from the Hebrew word "hen" which means “finding grace”) is a special event in the moroccan culture. In the tradition, it takes place the week or the day before the wedding night. The ceremony, for women only, is always held during the evening, at the house of the bride’s parents. By getting her hands and feet tattooed, the bride tells her suitors that her heart is forever taken.

During the ceremony, the bride receives several gifts including sugar,symbolizing happiness, eggs for the lifestyle change that awaits the bride, and pennies symbolizing prosperity. In accordance with the custom, all those gifts are given to the bride at the end of the evening meal.

The bride is surrounded by her “ladies -in-waiting” who are carrying candles. Once the candles burned, the bride receives her henna tattoo. Playing an important aesthetic role, henna embellishes the bride and brings “Baraka” (luck and divine protection) to the couple.

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