The hammam

The origin of the Hammam goes back to the Greco-Roman period when the Roman Empire extended to the Orient. Nowadays, the hammam is still one of the moroccan traditions. Discover these baths, a huge part of the Arab-Muslim culture.


The hammam


Hammam - which means "hot water" in Arabic - is a steam bath inspired by the Roman Baths. The hammams are a heritage of the Roman Empire. Nevertheless, they became more democratic in the arabic world with the expansion of Islam. Although, in order to follow the hygiene rules advocated by Islam, the faithful went to the hammam to practice ablutions before each one of the five daily prayers.

Composed of three baths, varying in temperature, hammams are attended by men and women but are not mixed. Hammams are usually attended by men in the morning and in the evening, while women go there during the afternoon. It is a meeting place where people of all generations and from all social backgrounds meet.

Hammam is an ideal place for relaxation. Still today, in Morocco, people go there frequently. They go there to take care of themselves by having a massage or beauty care (a rhassoul exfoliation for example), but also to meet in one of the baths or talk around some mint tea.

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Practical informations

Wherever you are - in a little city such as Taroudant or Guercif, or in a big city such as Marrakesh or Casablanca -, you will always find a hammam. To go there, and enjoy your stay, consider renting a car.