The Ahwach dance

Morocco counts over 12 milion Berbers. The Berber culture therefore runs deep in Moroccan culture and heritage. Take for instance the Ahwach, a Berber traditional group dance. Rent a car to go discover Berber villages and traditions during your stay in the kingdom.


The dance Ahwach

The Ahwach (or Ahwash) is a Berber dance widely spread in the High-Atlas and the Anti-Atlas mountains. Carried out during celebrations (at weddings, for instance), this dance varies from region to region and tribe to tribe but keeps the same basic steps. This group dance is accompanied by a traditional song : the tawala, orchestrated by a soloist.

The Ahwach dance is divided into three parts. At the beginning, a group of men lines up facing a group of women. This first part of the dance is called the imsaq. In that part, the soloist performs a dialogued song. The imsaq is followed by the tawala and ends with a derst. In this last part, men and woman improvise a dance.

The Ahwach is a joyful and convivial dance and makes for a beautiful demonstration of Berber traditions in Morocco. You may be able to attend one of those celebrations during your stay if you go to the small villages of the High-Atlas or Anti-Atlas.

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Practical information

The Ahwach is a Berber traditional dance still carried out in Berber villages in Morocco. To have the opportunity to see the Ahwach dance, you will have to visit the High-Atlas or the Anti-Atlas mountains. Rent a car to go there.

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