Horses and fantasia in Morocco

Morocco is a country offering a wealth of culture and tradition, among which fantasia, an equestrian sport inspired by hunting and war, often practiced in local festivals. Rent a car to discover Morocco, its festivals and fantasia.

Rent a car in Morocco to go to a Fantasia

Originating from Northern Africa, fantasia is a mixture of art and war, hunting and horse riding. It is the first equestrian sport in Morocco with more than 1,000 troops, called “sorbas”, and 15,000 horses. This entertaining sport is mostly practiced during religious or tribal celebrations, such as “eid”, weddings or births, but also in festivals called “moussems”. Fantasia festival, hosted every year in Meknes, is one of the most important events of the country.

Basic fantasia consists in an equestrian performance of horse riders charging at a gallop carrying rifles, that used to be bows and crossbows, and they brutally stop on the same line to shoot in the air. In some regions, fantasia is done riding camels or also includes horse acrobatics. But whatever the region, horse riders are always wearing colored outfits and the horses' harness and saddle are sophisticatedly decorated to give this show an even more imaginary demeanor.

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Practical information

Fantasia is a Moroccan sport and art consisting of horse riders recreating scenes of ancestral wars. Fantasia is one of Morocco's main traditions and has its own festival, celebrated each year in Meknes in September. To go there, think about renting a car.