Gestures of affection and respect in Morocco

Habits and customs vary from one country to another and in Morocco, a country with a rich culture, there are a lot. Discover some of Morocco's traditions and notably, gestures of affection. To visit the Kingdom, think about renting a car.


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In Moroccan culture, respect is a very important value and gestures of affection are numerous. But the most common gesture of respect and affection in Morocco consists in taking another person by the hand.

Indeed, in the Kingdom, holding your elder by the hand is a way of proving your respect. Consequently, it is not rare to see two men holding hands or little fingers. It is a mark of friendship, kindness and respect.

Depending on a person's age, the signification of this gesture changes. When people take their youngest by the hand, it is a mark of protection, as to say “this person is my child or my nephew, or niece”. A young person taking an elder by the hand is a mark of consideration and devotion. For people of the same age, this gesture marks friendship and mutual respect.

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Practical information

Morocco is a country of strong culture and many traditions. Holding hands is, for instance, a Moroccan custom, a mark of affection and respect. To discover more, think about renting a car and drive around the Kingdom.