The Walls of Taroudant

Morocco has a rich history and this can be seen in the architecture of its cities. The Walls of Taroudant are a good example. Rent a car and discover this Kasbah nicknamed the “Little Marrakech”.

The Great Walls of Taroudant

Taroudant, located east of Agadir and the High Atlas Mountains, is a small citadel protected by a wall of about eight kilometers.

The construction of this part of the Kasbah, nicknamed “The Great Wall”, began during the Saadian perod, circa 1515. With a height of 8 to 14 meters, drilled with 5 gates (Bab El Khemis, Bab Al-Kasbah, Bab Targhount, Bab Zorgan and Bab Oulad Bounouna) and strengthened by 19 bastions, this building protected the citadel for long times –making it inaccessible from the outside.

Despite the effects of time and the attacks that the ramparts have endure, these fortifications are still splendid. It is at sunset that the walls reveal most of their beauty. Twilight accentuates the colors of the walls. Then at dusk, the city and its walls lighted up become the perfect setting for a romantic walk.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent an automatic car to go to Taroudant and to admire its ramparts.

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Practical information

The city of Taroudant and its magnificent ramparts are easily accessible by car. It's for example a 1h20 drive from Agadir. So, to go to Taroudant and to fully enjoy your stay in Morocco, consider renting a car.