The Saadian Tombs

Nearby the Kasbah, in the city of Marrakech, you can find one of the few relics from the Saadi dynasty realm. Historical attraction and genuine piece of art, the Saadian Tombs are a must see of this city.


Saadian Tombs

Built at the end of the XVIth century by the Saadi sultan Ahmed al-Mansur Saadi, and located not far from the Jemaa El Fna Square, the Saadian Tombs are one the most interesting historical places in Marrakech.

Housing the grave of the Saadi dynasty family members, this necropolis is one of the last relics from the Golden Age of the city – a prosperous time that lasted from 1524 to 1659. Besides its historical assets, this place is also famous for its stunning Hispano-Mauresque architecture, its garden and the beauty of its various mausoleums, such as The Room of the Twelve Columns.

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