The mosque Hassan II : The gigantic religious building of Casablanca

Casablanca counts among its monuments the second highest religious building of the world: the mosque Hassan II. If you go into the city, you cannot miss this impressive building.


mosque hassan II


After the mosque of Mecca, the mosque Hassan II of Casablanca is the second highest religious monument of the planet. With a minaret peaking as height as 210 meters, the mosque is considered to have indeed a gigantic size. The size of the mosque is not the only reason why it is such an architectural work of art. Set up between 1986 and 1993, the mosque Hassan II was built in two thirds on the sea. It can welcome more than 100 000 believers. It is finely decorated with marble, with zelliges, with sculptured timber framings and possesses a laser (of 30 km of reach) constantly pointed towards Mecca.

The mosque Hassan II is one of rare religious buildings of Morocco to be opened to the non-Muslims. The entrance fee is worth 120 dirhams (approximately 12 euros).  To be able to go there and enjoy fully the city of Casablanca, it is better to rent a car.  For that purpose, arrange a meeting in one of the two Hertz agencies of the city: at the airport Mohamed V and in 25 street Oraibi Jilali.