The Kasbah of Agadir

From the oldest district of Agadir, there is no more than a fortress in ruin. But what a fortress ! The Kasbah – also named Agadir Oufella - is a majestic spot with a fascinating history.


Kasbah of Agadir


Built in 1572 by Moroccan king Moulay Abdallah el-Ghalib, this walled city aimed at protecting the local people against the possible Portuguese invasions. Made of sinuous little streets and many shops, the fortress overhung the city and the sea. It welcomed French, English, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish traders and Dutch people had even set up there a trading post.

« Be afraid of God and honor King », an inscription in Arabic and in Dutch situated above the front door, is a trace of their passage. Unfortunately, the 1960's earthquake created devastation and, from this prosperous district, there are no more today than the restored ramparts.

Floodlit by night, like the hill God, Homeland, King where it is, the Kasbah is a must-see tourist place and a great viewing area of Agadir.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent an estate car to visit the Kasbah of Agadir with your family.

car rental Agadir Hertz MoroccoPractical informations

The Kasbah of Agadir is accessible by the Oufalla road. To go there simply, reserve a car in one of both Hertz agencies in Agadir.