The Dar Sebti house : The little palace of party at Oujda

Little known by the tourists, the Dar Sebti house is nevertheless a major place of Oujda. This magnificent building is a mini palace, dedicated to the Arab-Andalusian music and to the party.



The city of Oujda have, among its buildings, a very exceptional village hall. Indeed, the Dar Sebti house is a magnificent little palace where nowadays are organized birthdays, weddings and other receptions. It also accommodates the Center of Studies and Research on Gharnati music. Built in 1938 by Abdellatif Sebti, a rich storekeeper from Fes, this building faces the Lalla Meriem park, a place of relaxation and culture because it includes a museum.


If you go to Oujda, do not forget to visit the Dar Sebti palace. And to make the most of your stay, reserve a car within the Hertz agency of the city, located at the Oujda Les Angades airport.