The Andalusian Mosque : The jewel of Fes

If you are goingto the city of Fes, you cannot miss the Andalusian Mosque. For over 11 centuries, this religious building is the old architectural jewel of the city.


andalusian mosque


Recognized as a sacred sanctuary of Morocco, Fes is one of the most important cities of the Arab-Muslim civilization. It is culturally rich with many beautiful, symbolic and historic places, one of which is the Andalusian Mosque of Fes. Located in the Andalusian district, on the right bank of the river Oued Fes, it was designed by Mariyam el Fihriya and built between 859 and 860. The Andalusian Mosque is remarkable with its magnificent white minaret decorated with green pieces of earthenware, its patios made of marble and onyx, its indoor fountain, its library as well as by its big portal decorated with pieces of zellige and with a canopy in sculpted cedar wood.

The Andalusian Mosque is one of many sites you should definitely not miss if you visit Fes. To facilitate your stay in the city and take advantage of its numerous wonders, it is recommended to rent a vehicle. Thus, see you in both Hertz agencies of Fes : at the Fes Saïss airport and at 1, Kissariat de la Foire.