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In Fez, one of the most important things to see is undoubtedly the main door of the medina. Named Bab Boujloud, this one is known for its beauty. Consider renting a car to go there safely.


Rent a car in Fez to go see the Bab Boujloud door 
Made of the two districts Fez el-Jedid and Fez el-Bali, the medina of Fez is exceptional. It is, in fact, part of the UNESCO world heritage. It is thus not surprising that the main entrance of this medina is famous for its beauty.

Blue and green

Named Bab Boujloud or « The blue door », this entrance was built in the XIIth century then restored in 1913. The door is in fact made of three openings: a main entrance framed by two smaller symmetric doors. Built with cedar wood and sculptured stuccos, the Bab Boujloud door presents some blue enamel mosaic on his outside side (blue is the color of the city of Fez) and some green enamel mosaic on his internal side (the traditional color of Islam).

The Bab Boujloud door is unquestionably among the most beautiful monuments of Fez. It is impossible to miss it. Moreover, it is located next to other important monuments such as the Bou Inania madrasa or the Batha palace.

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Practical information

The Bab Boujloud door is a historic site dating the XIIth century. It is one of the main doors of the medina of Fez and it is easily accessible by car. To go there, consider renting a car in Fez.