Zulbia or Zlabia

Zulbia (also said Zlabia) is a honey pastry, very popular during ramadan in Morocco and in many Northern African and Middle Eastern countries. Rent a car to go to Moroccan tearooms and bakeries to taste zulbias.


Rent a car in Morocco to go eat zulbias

In Morocco, the consumption of zulbia peaks during ramadan. Indeed, this sugary sweet gives energy, much appreciated after a long day of fast. Zulbias are generally eaten with mint tea as a snack or at nightfall.

Zulbias are made of a mixture of paste and syrup. The paste is made of flour, orange blossom water, water, baking powder and a little saffron or red and yellow food coloring. The syrup is made of water, sugar, orange blossom water, lemon juice and honey and sometimes cardamom, a spice that is very appreciated in Moroccan deserts.

Zulbias do not need a lot of ingredients but the preparation is not really easy and demands to leave the paste aside for 24 hours before frying it. So it is much easier to buy some in one of Morocco's many bakeries and tearooms. Then, you can enjoy them properly with a mint tea, during ramadan or all year long.

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Practical information

Zulbia (or Zlabia) is a Moroccan sweet that you find all year long in tearooms and bakeries but that is mainly eaten during ramadan. To taste these Moroccan specialties and easily visit the country, think about renting a car.