The mhancha

Just as the gazelle horn, the bechkito, the walnut baklawa or the date makrout, the mhancha is a must-try Moroccan pastry.


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The mhancha - also spelled M’hanncha or Mhencha - is a traditional spiral shaped (or «snake shaped») Moroccan cake.

Quite easy to bake, the mhanchas are made of pastilla sheets (essentially the same as the brik pastry dough sheets), blanched almonds, caster sugar, honey, cinnamon, orange blossom water, powdered gum arabic, melted butter and eggs.

It is best served with mint tea at the terrace of a Moroccan teahouse.

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Practical information

Morocco abounds with teahouses and cafes. You just have to drive around town to find beautiful teahouse terraces where they serve almond mhanchas. You can rent a car in Morocco and find your favourite place.

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