Prunes and almonds tagine

Among the most famous dishes of Morocco, tagines have diverse and varied recipes. After the lamb tagine, discover for example the prunes and almonds tagine –another classic Moroccan cuisine.


The prunes and almonds tagine

Of Berber origin, tagine is now part of Moroccan cuisine. Many recipes for tagines are indeed considered national dishes in Morocco. Among them, it is impossible to forget the tagine with prunes and almonds. This sweet-savory tagine is on every restaurant’s menu in the country and Moroccans like to serve it during Ramadan.

Cooked and smothered in the famous dish for tagine, the prune and almond tagine is of course composed of prunes, blanched and fried almonds, but also onions, garlic, cinnamon, ras el hanout, sesame seeds, sugar, olive oil, salt, pepper and saffron. Obviously we add meat: chicken, lamb or veal.

The prunes and almonds tagine is eaten without accompaniment or with Moroccan bread or semolina, and why not with some mint tea followed by a few desserts.

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Practical information

The prunes and almonds tagine is a traditional Moroccan dish. It is on the menu of almost all the restaurants in the country. So, you will have many opportunities to taste this tagine during your stay in the country.

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