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Certain pastries are major in the culinary culture of Morocco. We think in particular of the gazelle horns, the bechkitos or the feqqas. Discover more on the latter and consider renting a car in Morocco to fully take advantage of your stay in the kingdom.

The el mechkouk, the dlibas, the ghoribas, the zlabias, the kaaks, the chebakias... The list of Moroccan cookies is long and we could almost get lost in front of all these sweets. But if there is a Moroccan cookie easy to recognize, it is the feqqas. This cookie is one of the most popular cookies in the country and it is declined in numerous variants: peanut feqqas, chocolate feqqas, raisins feqqas...

Almonds feqqas

Several recipes for this tea cookie exist but the original feqqas are almonds feqqas. Made of of sugar, egg yolks, butter, flour, cinnamon, orange-flower water, and - of course - almonds, feqqas looks almost like small crisp and dry toasts. Moreover, feqqas are sometimes called « croquets » or « croquants ».

Feqqas are served with mint tea, for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. To taste it, you can go in one of the numerous cafes of Morocco or you can directly go buy some in a local pastry shop.

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Practical information

Feqqas are small dry, very popular tea cookies in Morocco. To go to eat some, on the side of a traditional mint tea, consider renting a car for your stay in Morocco.