Bakoula salad

Made with mallow leaves, Bakoula is a popular Moroccan cooked salad and easy to prepare. Discover this typical dish of Morocco and where to rent a car to go to eat at a restaurant during your stay in the kingdom.

Bakoula salad

Mallow is a plant that usually grows in uncultivated areas. From its real name, Malva sylvestris, mallow is very famous for its medicinal properties. Indeed, it is used to treat sore throats and digestive disorders. In Morocco, this plant is eaten in salads: the Bakoula.

Freshly picked mallow leaves are the main ingredients of Bakoula. The leaves are first washed and then dried before being chopped. The leaves are then backed twice. A first twenty minutes firing steamed with garlic, parsley and cilantro before a second firing during which is added olive oil, cumin, chilli, lemon juice and half a diced candied lemon. Once all the water is evaporated, the pot can be removed from the fire.

Some olives and the rest of the candied lemon’s skin can be used as a decoration when serving - warm or cold, alone or with other Moroccan salads. During your stay in Morocco, you will have no trouble finding Bakoula on restaurants’ menus since this meal is served throughout the country.

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Practical informations

The bakoula is a traditional salad in Morocco. Usually, it is among the starters on restaurants' menus. To go to one of them and fully enjoy your trip in Morocco, consider renting a car.