A spicy and delicious Moroccan dish: Saffron chicken tagine

Tagine is one of Morocco's most emblematic culinary styles. Among the wide variety of tagines, you have the delicious and refined saffron chicken tagine. Rent a car to discover traditional Morocco and go to the best restaurants.
Moroccan culinary tradition is rich and colorful with a wide variety of pastries, couscous and tagines. Saffron chicken tagine, with its tasty mix of spices is among the most emblematic of the country.
The secret to a good tagine rests in the choice of ingredients, they have to be the freshest possible, spices included. Ideally, the day you want to cook your tagine, you should go to the market to buy fresh meat, vegetables and especially fresh saffron!
The recipe of saffron chicken tagine is relatively simple. For 4 people, you will need chicken, shredded saffron, an onion, ground ginger, black pepper, cinnamon sticks, olive oil, curcuma, butter, fresh coriander and salt. Proportions may vary depending on recipes or people's taste but the result is always tasty. Indeed, the cooking of the tagine allows the ingredients to release their flavors and the meat its juices while remaining tender.
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Practical information
Saffron chicken tagine is one of Morocco's delicious specialities. To have a taste in a restaurant during your stay, think about renting a car that suits your needs. The drive will only be more enjoyable.
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