Feqqas – hertz morocco

Certain pastries are major in the culinary culture of Morocco. We think in particular of the gazelle horns, the bechkitos or the feqqas. Discover more on the latter and consider renting a car in Morocco ...

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Kaaks are plain, sugary, and tasty cookies generally served with a Moroccan tea. Rent a car to discover Moroccan tea rooms and traditional pastries. Moroccan culinary tradition offers ...

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Zulbia or zlabia

Zulbia (also said Zlabia) is a honey pastry, very popular during ramadan in Morocco and in many Northern African and Middle Eastern countries. Rent a car to go to Moroccan tearooms and bakeries to ...

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A spicy and delicious moroccan dish: saffron chicken tagine

Tagine is one of Morocco's most emblematic culinary styles. Among the wide variety of tagines, you have the delicious and refined  saffron chicken tagine. Rent a car to discover traditional ...

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The mhancha

Just as the gazelle horn, the bechkito, the walnut baklawa or the date makrout, the mhancha is a must-try Moroccan pastry. The mhancha - also spelled M’hanncha or Mhencha - is a ...

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The chakchouka

Less famous than couscous or pastilla, the chakchouka is nevertheless one of the most popular traditional dishes in Morocco. Discover this savoury dish. Chakchouka - also called Taktouka ...

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Moroccan snowballs

If you like coconut, orange blossom and are wishing to discover Moroccan pastries, then you shouldn’t miss out on snowballs! Try them while traveling in Morocco. Moroccan gastronomy ...

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Prunes and almonds tagine

Among the most famous dishes of Morocco, tagines have diverse and varied recipes. After the lamb tagine, discover for example the prunes and almonds tagine –another classic Moroccan cuisine. ...

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Chicken with olives

After couscous, lamb tagine or prunes and almonds tagine, here is another traditional Moroccan recipe: chicken with olives. Discover this dish and where to rent a car to go to eat some at a restaurant ...

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Bakoula salad

Made with mallow leaves, Bakoula is a popular Moroccan cooked salad and easy to prepare. Discover this typical dish of Morocco and where to rent a car to go to eat at a restaurant during your stay ...

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El mechkouk

Made with ground almonds, Mechkouk is a small pastry very popular in Morocco. Discover this Moroccan pastry and the steps of its preparation. El Mechkouk, or Mechkek (which means “cracked”), ...

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