The grape moussem Festival in Bouznika

More famous for its citrus, date and olive production, Morocco is also an important grape producer, to the point of celebrating them with a moussem. Discover Bouznika's grape moussem Festival, a true celebration of local viticulture.


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Morocco counts more than 49,000 hectares of vineyards. Each year, more than 230 kilotons of grape are produced, with more than 172 kilotons of table grapes and more than 58 kilotons of wine grapes, viticulture represents a significant source of income for the Kingdom. Among other things, these income support the social development of the region.

In order to celebrate this important part of local agriculture, Morocco has come up with a moussem Festival entirely dedicated to grape in the region of Bouznika. During this moussem Festival, members of Moroccan government take turns congratulating local producers. Awards are given to various producers, farms and varieties of grapes cultivated. It is also the opportunity to support the technologic updating of wine-growing.

The moussem Festival is not only an award ceremony. During Bouznika's moussem Festival, visitors can also attend shows, go to tastings and demonstrations.

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Practical information

The moussem grape Festival takes place in Bouznika, a small city located between Rabat and Casablanca. It is really simple to go there. It will take about 40 minutes from Rabat and about 50 minutes from Casablanca. Think about renting a comfortable and inexpensive car to make your trip even more enjoyable.