The engagement moussem

The roses moussem, the almond moussem, the honey moussem… Moussems are numerous in Morocco. Discover one of the most important Moroccan holidays: the engagement moussem of Imilchil, a celebration with a poetic origin.


Engagement moussem

The engagement moussem is undoubtedly among the most known moussems of Morocco. It is celebrated in August or September in the village of Imilchil in the High-Atlas. During this festival, the region's tribes meet to exchange their productions, and - although this tradition is rather old - women take the opportunity to choose their future husband among the single men.

This ancient tradition dates back to the schism of the Aït Hdiddou tribe (about 9 centuries ago), and is related to the lakes Isli and Tislit - "husband" and "wife" according to the legend.

Indeed, local legend says that after splitting the Hdiddou tribe into two branches, a young woman fell in love with a young man from the rival tribe. Their parents objecting to their union, the couple fled. Brokenhearted to have left their family and friends behind, the lovers wept for days and their tears gave birth to two lakes, Isli and Tislit, where they then drowned. Devastated by their deaths, the two tribes decided to leave the choice to their children to marry whomever they wish and to organize a meeting once a year. Thus was born the tradition of the engagement moussem.

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Practical informations

The engagement moussem is held in the little town of Imilchil, in August or in September (depending on the year). The village is easily accessible by car, from Marrakech or Ouarzazate for example.