Toubkal National Park

Located 70km south of Marrakech, the Toubkal range (peaking at 4167 meters) is the highest part of the High-Atlas. It is around this impressive mountain range that was created the Toubkal National Park in 1942. Rent a car and go admire those breath-taking landscapes.


The Toubkal National Park


Stretching over a total of 100 000 ha, the Toubkal National Park abounds with amazingly diverse flora and fauna. With highly varied landscapes and altitudes going from 1200 to 4167 meters, the park is covered in holm oak and thujas forests, junipers and various herbaceous plants. The Ifni lake is also located in the Toubkal National Park, where crystal water rivers flow into the grooves formed between the plateaus, the ridges and the cliffs.

The landscape is absolutely gorgeous and you might come across some mountain sheep that commonly roam in the lowlands, and many species of birds of prey such as royal eagles or Bonelli eagles. One comes there to enjoy the quiet and beauty of the sceneries, for sports activities such as hiking and rock-climbing, to admire the wonders of prehistoric rock paintings dating back 5000 years or more, but also to discover the authentic Berber villages that continue to perpetuate ancestral traditions.

Toubkal National Park is easily accessible by car and access to different interesting sites of the park is facilitated by guides, muleteers and other carriers that offer their services to some 40 000 visitors each year.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent a SUV to go smoothly to Toubkal National Park.

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Practical information

The Toubkal National Park is located between the N’Fiss valley and the Ourika valley, about 70km south of Marrakech. To go there, it is advised to rent a car.