If you want to discover the authentic Morocco and especially the Mediterranean coast, go through the village of Tibouda. Rent a car and discover this small town in the heart of Cape Three Forks.


The Cape Three Forks, located in northern Morocco, is a vast natural and wild region. But it is not only a superb green and rocky landscape. The place also has a small fishing village, a village with a typical charm: Tibouda.

Located on the east coast of the Cape, with a stunning view on the Mediterranean Sea, the village of Tibouda is isolated and remains authentic. People come here to admire the small fishermen’s huts, small boats floating on clear water and turquoise lagoon contrasting with the raw beauty of the cliffs.

Tibouda is a pretty remote village but it still remains easy to access. It takes about 1 hour drive from Nador to get there.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent a SUV to go to Tibouda and to drive across the Mediterranean coast of the country.

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Practical information

Tibouda is a small town, located on the east side of Cape Three Forks. From Nador, it is a 1h drive. So, to get there easily, consider renting a car.