The oued Ziz

It is in the eastern part of the High-Atlas that runs the oued Ziz. Carving its bed in the mountain rocks for about 280km, the oued Ziz flows through magnificent landscapes. This river passes through some 800 000 palm trees of the Tafilalet oasis to finally disappear around Taouz, in the sands of the Sahara desert. Rent a car to go discover those places.

Oued Ziz

For a long time, the oued Ziz river has been used to facilitate people’s travels in this mountainous area of Morocco. Nowadays, it is much easier to visit the region by car. Bordered by cities such as Errachida, Erfoud or Sijilmasa, the Ziz is largely skirted by the national road 13 - a car journey that will, at times, offer drivers a breath-taking view on rather lunar lanscapes.

Palm trees plantations, fruit orchards and cereal fields (such as wheat, barley, oats and alfalfa) are still a common sight along the the oued Ziz. In the surrounding areas, traditional architecture and colors are maintained so that this little piece of heaven preserves its authenticity.

In the Ziz valley, it is impossible not to hear Malhoun, a local poetic and musical style that has spread little by little to the whole kingdom. In Morocco, there is a say that goes : «The Malhoun was born in Tafilalet, grew up in Marrakech and died in  Fès». Indeed, Malhoun music underwent several changes due to diverse influences when it spread to the northern areas, which resulted in the birth of new musical genres. The history of Malhoun is one evidence among others that the Ziz waters embrace and carry with them the traditions of the places the river flows through.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent an economy car to drive along the oued Ziz and visit the poetical surrounding areas.

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Practical information

Located slightly in the South-Eastern part of Morocco, the oued Ziz springs from the Moroccan High-Atlas and flows down to reach the Sahara desert. To admire the magnificent and authentic landscapes that border the river, it is advised to rent a car.