The El Mansour Eddahbi Dam : An impressive construction on Draa, near Ouarzazate

Rich in culture and in history, Morocco is also one of the most modern countries of Africa. The kingdom is developping economically and even stands out as a reference regarding hydraulics. The incredible El Mansour Eddahbi dam - located on the Draa, not far from Ouarzazate - proves it. 


Morocco « is a modern country and a big nation of the hydraulics today » said Loic Fauchon, president of the World Water Council, to the MAP (Moroccan Press Agency) in 2006, on the occasion of the 4th World Water Forum. And one only needs to see the El Mansour Eddahbi dam to understand this assertion. This huge hydraulic dam - located on the river Oued Draa, approximately 25 km (15,5 miles) to the South of Ouarzazate - was built in 1971 and holds 560 million cubic meters of water. It aims at controlling the flow of the river, regulating the water distribution and so improving the farming irrigation, fighting against the desertification and improving the standard of living of the local population. Built in vault, the El Mansour Eddahbi dam is impressive with its foundations 70 meters (229,6 ft) high and 210 meters (689 ft) wide.


If you go to Ouarzazate, do not hesitate to contemplate the El Mansour Eddahbi dam. For that purpose, you will need a vehicle, which you will can easily rent in one of both Hertz agencies within the pre-Saharan city : one at the Ouarzazate Taourirte airport and an other one at 35, Mohamed V Street.