The cliffs from Tan-Tan to Tarfaya

Between Agadir and the south of the kingdom, a road offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Morocco : the Tan-Tan cliffs. Consider renting a car at Hertz Morocco and go admire that amazing beauty of nature.


Rent a car to go see the cliffs between Tan Tan and Tarfaya


Morocco abounds with wild and impressive landscapes and the cliffs that run along the road between Tan-Tan and Tarfaya are one of those.

South of Morocco, between the small town of Tan-Tan and the equally modest town of Tarfaya, a road skirts the Atlantic coast. Approximately 210 kilometers long, this road is not well developed but still will be worth your while. Indeed, this roadtrip will unveil one of the most impressive, raw and beautiful landscapes of the kingdom. Immense cliffs - cut through by deep chasms in some places - line the rocky ledge where fishermen sit all day waiting for a catch.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent a comfortable family car to go discover the cliffs from Tan-Tan to Tarfaya.

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Practical information

Located about 330 kilometers from the Hertz Morocco Agadir agency, Tan-Tan coast and its cliffs are very easily accessed by road. Rent a car in Agadir and discover this beautiful Moroccan landscape.