The Café Hafa of Tangier: where time stopped

With its almost 100 years of existence, the Café Hafa is one of the most famous places in Tangier. Known all over the world, this café offers a wonderful view of the ocean while staying the same. 
Café Hafa
As the Caffè Florian in Venice or the Café de Flore in Paris, Tangier has its own mythical café: the Café Hafa, a peaceful, cosmopolitan and almost magical place built in 1921. Standing on a cliff, this café offers a stunning view towards the ocean. Its location, its environment, not to mention its famous mint tea seduced many people amongst whom the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Sean Connery or even the writer Paul Bowles. In his book The City of One Thousand and One Lights, the latter writes: “Nonetheless, I still come back to the Café Hafa. I still dream on the terrace. Time changed everything but this place. Secret and quiet, the Café Hafa stayed the same: a magical place. Generation after generation, it has been the meeting point of chess players, poets, writers, artists. And sitting on old straw mats, they still enjoy the pleasure of Kif”
It is better to go to the Café Hafa by car. If you do not have one, you still have the opportunity to rent a car in one of the Hertz agencies in Tangier: in the Ibn Battouta Airport and in the city centre, 36 avenue Mohamed V.