The blue spring of Meski 

To fully discover Morocco, it is necessary to rent a car and to go on an adventure. If you happen to be in Fez, we recommend you to leave southward and to stop by the blue source of Meski. Learn more about this oasis.


Rent a car in Morocco to go to the Blue Spring of Meski

Driving from Errachidia, in the direction of Erfoud, after 20km, you will pass by a crossroads where you will see a sign indicating"Meski". Then, a little farther, you will find a beautiful announcing sign: « Source bleue de Meski » (meaning « Blue spring of Meski »). It is a magnificent place, lost in the middle of nowhere.

Flowing in a pond built by the legionaries under the French protectorate, the blue spring of Meski comes from a rocky cavity. Resurgence of the Oued Ziz, the water of this source flows and forms a majestic swimming pool, surrounded with a luxuriant vegetation. Local people give healing virtues to this oasis. The legend says that to bathe in the water coming from this spring makes you more fertile. It is obviously only a local legend and the blue spring of Meski is above all a swimming place, enjoyed by everybody, the young and the old, the locals and the tourits.

You will need to settle 5 dhs to have the right to enter and to take advantage of the natural swimming pool as well as the refreshing palm grove of this small oasis. Also, take advantage of this visit to wander in the region. The panorama is breathtaking and the villages are picturesque. You might meet women washing their linen by the river.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent a SUV to go to Errachidia and to the Blue Spring of Meski.

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Practical information

The Blue Spring of Meski is sort of a small oasis, a heavenly place, located near Errachidia – south of Fez city. To go there and to explore the region, consider renting a car in Fez.