The city of Tan-Tan

Located in the south of Morocco, Tan-Tan is a city of rough landscapes and vivid culture. The Tan-Tan moussem is one of the most important moussems of the kingdom. Rent a car and stop by Tan-Tan city.


The city of Tan-Tan


Located in the region of Guoulmin Es-Smara, in the south-east of Morocco, 330km south of Agadir, the city of Tan-Tan has a mild temperate climate. Spend a few days in this pleasant area which offers both shoreline landscapes and mountain ranges (the Ouarkziz and the Zini).

Tan-Tan city is located in an area of Morocco which travellers often forget to visit but is really worth the trip, notably because of its famous moussem, a traditional festival that came back to life in 2004. Created in 1963, this important Moroccan festival had indeed disappeared until the city of Tan-Tan decided to give it a second life. Every year, for several days, many nomad peoples of the Sahara desert gather to celebrate the culture of the beidane world. You will be entertained by numerous activities such as camel races, a carnival and folk dances that together will unveil the hidden face of Tan-Tan.

Tan-Tan city is easily accessible by road, about 5 hours from Agadir by car - a beautiful drive through a succession breathtaking landscapes.

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Practical information

The city of Tan-Tan is located about 340km (around 5 hours by car) from Agadir. From Agadir, the road from leading to Tan-Tan offers one of the most beautiful drives in Morocco. Rent a car to enjoy this beautiful drive and admire the cliffs that skirt the coast.