Safi: the city of potters and much more

Located in Marrakech-Safi's Western Moroccan region, Safi will easily seduce culture-lovers with its rich folklore, craftsmanship an history. Rent a car and discover Safi, its potteries and the region.
Safi is a Moroccan coastline city whose verified written history dates back to the XIth century but would have already been known by the Romans during the Phoenician era. In 1480, Safi became a major trading post under Portuguese domination, then, taken over by the Saadian Dynasty in 1541 it became a crucial commercial port between Northern Africa and Europe, and still is today. Nowadays, thanks to plenty of clay, Safi is famous for being Morocco's pottery capital. The city accounts for numerous pottery and ceramic production sites, among which the most important's are Potter's Hill and Chaaba Valley, within the city and the village Sidi Abderrahmane and the city of Saadla, not far from Safi. Potter's Hill accounts for more than 700 craftsmen using traditional ovens and 27 using gas ovens in more than 40 workshops. In Safi, you will be able to see the world's biggest tagine.
Safi also boasts in important music and folklore traditions. Among the most original is the famous Fantasia: an equestrian sport of Northern African military tradition. In the region, music genres are very diverse going from Al-Aita, to Andalusia and Al-Malhoune. Architecturally speaking, the city of Safi gathers a wide variety of buildings such as the Sea Castle, a XVIth century fortress, Dar Sultane, former residence of Alaouite sultans that has now become the National Ceramic Museum, or the Portuguese Cathedral. The Medina and Souq street also house a great number of buildings with architectures inspired from diverse confessions.
A little advice from Hertz Morocco: rent an inexpensive car to better discover the treasures of Safi and the region.
Practical information
Safi is a charming Moroccan Atlantic coastline city. It takes about 2,5 hours to go there from Marrakech. To travel easily, you better rent a comfortable car.
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